Dr Chris Forman

Research Associate

Research Interests

Applying biophysics to develop novel materials and technology to improve sustainable engineering and manufacturing.


Research Projects

Manufacturing with Biological Materials.



Dr Chris Forman joined the IfM in July 2009 as a Research Associate after completing his PhD at the Department of Chemistry in Cambridge. He is working with Bill O'Neill on the development of manufacturing processes for incorporating biological material into main stream technology.


Originally studying theoretical physics (Mphys - Edinburgh University, 1999, final project: grand unified field theory), he moved into satellite communications and worked for QinetiQ (1999 to 2004), giving him an overview of defence, software engineering, networks and communications. After completing a masters in nanotechnology and enterprise (Mphil - Materials Science, University of Cambridge, 2005), which introduced him to biophysics, he undertook a PhD with Dr Paul Barker (PhD - Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 2009) in protein engineering looking at the self-assembly and dynamics of functional amyloid fibres as a technologically applicable biomaterial. With a global systems mindset and in-depth knowledge of the components that biology can offer, his current aim is to build a strong physical understanding of biology to enable the introduction of novel materials and processes that will improve the performance and enhance the sustainability of commercial mainstream technology.


He has recently authored and delivered a series of lectures on Bionanotechnology as part of the Nanotechnology MPhil and NanoDTC programme.

Contact Details

T: 01223 764776
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