Annika Wollermann

Visiting Research

Annika holds both a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Clausthal, and is in the last stages of her Master's in Industrial Engineering from the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. Her Bachelor's focus was mechanical engineering, having collaborated with the German Space Agency to complete her Bachelor's thesis on the "Dependence of manufacturing costs on design parameters using the example of rotor blades for wind turbines”. She has since gone on to focus on the transportation industry within her Master's degree. Currently she is writing her Master's thesis on “Digital Twin maturity in the aerospace industry” as part of her work within a cooperative research project with the Cambridge Service Alliance at the Institute for Manufacturing. 


Beside professional consultant experience, she is experienced within the aerospace industry from her several internships in the sector. She is also a board member of a student organization called talKIT e.V. organizing Europe’s biggest technology forum for students.





Abhängigkeit der Fertigungskosten von Designparametern am Beispiel von Rotorblättern für Windenergieanlagen


Szenariobasierte Analyse der Diffusion von Carsharing Angeboten Führt Carsharing zu einer Disruption oder Ergänzung des Mobilitätsangebots? Welche Voraussetzungen und Rahmenbedingungen müssen dafür existieren?

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