Dr Andy Payne

Embedded Researcher

Research Interest:

  • 3D additive manufacturing systems



Andrew received his MPhys in Physics from the University of Kent in 2012 where his master’s year research was in Fourier domain optical coherence tomography. Subsequently Andrew joined the Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Systems Development and received his MRes from the University of Cambridge after conducting research into the coherence properties of liquid crystal lasers at Cambridge and the registration of 3D laser scanned point clouds at UCL.


Research Project

Andrew Payne’s research concentrates upon the selective laser melting of metal powders for additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing systems are becoming ever more attractive as an engineering solution to the demands of one off and small run part production. However the high cost and low building speed of metal based systems restricts their use to very specific markets. This research will investigate the potential speed and cost benefits obtained by parallel processing during the layer melting phases of a selective laser melting system with the aim of opening this technology up to a wider user base.



Payne, Andrew, and Adrian Gh Podoleanu. "Direct electronic linearization for camera based spectral domain optical coherence tomography." In Proc. of SPIE Vol, vol. 8571, pp. 85712D-1. 2013.


A. Payne and A. Podoleanu, "Direct electronic linearization for camera-based spectral domain optical coherence tomography," Opt. Lett.  37, 2424-2426 (2012).

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