Adolfo Crespo del Castillo

Doctoral Student



Adolfo Crespo del Castillo has joined the Institute for Manufacturing as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Ajith Kumar Parlikad. He is a member of the Girton College, University of Cambridge. His areas of interest are Manufacturing Management, Digital Transformation of Industry and Business, Asset Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Strategic Decision-making. His research aims to develop Digital Twins to generate an integrated digital representation of industrial ecosystems, with the intention of allowing data-driven decision making over complex systems with numerous interactions from different agents.




Adolfo has obtained his double MSc title with honours from Universidad de Navarra (Industrial Engineering MSc) and Cranfield University (Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc) graduating in 2020. During his studies he completed a project stage at the Politecnico di Milano developing a Digital Twin model for equipment health assessment within the MAYA EU research project at the Industry 4.0 Laboratory. He also worked as Assistant consultant for Ingeman, contributing to develop a cloud platform for intelligent assets management and predictive analytics in an advanced Industry 4.0 environment.

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T: +44(0)1223 766141
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