Cambridge Science Festival at the IfM

The IfM opens its doors for Cambridge Science Festival. Come along to discover more about the exciting things that go on here!


All of the events listed below are open to the public from 13.00 - 17.00 on Saturday 21 March 2020. We will operate a ticketing system for some of the activities to avoid queuing.




Date and printing through time

From parchment to petabytes, the transmission and storage of information has changed dramatically throughout the ages. This activity will look at the evolution and implications of these developments. We will explore the good, the bad, and the downright scary of information in the digital age.All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free



Laser lab tours

Get a glimpse of the latest laser technologies and find out how they are used in industry. Watch our experts show you the amazing things that can be done with this technical kit. Take a look into the nano world and explore the force of light. Get here early to pick up a ticket. Suitable for 8+.



Laser tin can alley

Fire your laser at our Institute for Manufacturing tin can alley to see who can knock down the most tin cans! All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free



LEGO Building

A chance to get stuck in with a huge pile of LEGO bricks and be creative! Our expert builders will be on hand to help you build the very best models you can, even the UK’s LEGO MASTER finalist James Gard will be there to teach you some tips and tricks. All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free



Manufacturing a better world: let’s take a closer look
Join us for an exciting microscope workshop that reveals the mysteries of the world. Learn about plastic waste, what microplastics look like and where they come from. Discover how an understanding of the microscale helps researchers develop low cost tools to diagnose diseases and provide treatments. All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free



Pecha Kucha challenge 

2pm - 4pm

Graduate students enrolled for a PhD in engineering will take on the challenge of sharing their research with you in just 6 min 40 sec, using the Pecha Kucha presentation method of 20 slides each lasting 20 sec. Will they succeed? Join us for just one or stay for as many as you like (they can be addictive!). Suitable for 12+.



Steel #snap

Have your group selfie etched onto steel using one of the Institute for Manufacturing's high-powered laser markers. All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free



Virtual Reality 
Immerse yourself in a 3D virtual and interactive environment! - Limited availability. Suitable for 8+.



What would you use THAT for?

Try some of the latest science-based products from local companies and win a prize for thinking of the most original ways to use them! All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free



Why robots are NOT going to take over all the factories (...yet)

1.30pm – 2.30pm, 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Everything you see around that is not part of the natural world has been ‘manufactured’ in some way. How all these things get made is invisible to so many of us. Professor Tim Minshall, Institute for Manufacturing, shows the basics of how things are made, and how things get from where they are made to where we use them.


We’ll look at big things (buildings), medium things (cars) small things (phones), healthcare things (medical devices), edible things (prepared food) and much more. Then we’ll explore the role of robots in all these activities, and show how these robots and other ways of ‘automating’ are good at some tasks .. but can never be as good as humans.

Pre-book (booking opens 10 February at 11am), Free, Talk, All ages





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