Cambridge Festival 2024 - IfM talks and activities


Saturday 16 March 2024, 13:00-17:00

The IfM opens its doors for the Cambridge Festival on 16 March 2024. Come along to discover more about the exciting things that go on here! 





Your life is manufactured: Revealing the secrets of how things get made and delivered to you


We all live in a manufactured world. Everything around us other than people, plants, rocks and animals has been made by someone and delivered to where it is needed. And yet the processes by which these manufactured things appear in our lives are largely invisible.


In this talk, Professor Tim Minshall, (Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation and Head of the Institute for Manufacturing) will make that largely invisible world visible. He will also discuss why – if we want to have a more sustainable and equitable world – we need to rethink what we make, and how and where we make it. 



All ages, booking required


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How to take value out of your education 


Education is a strange activity. We are learning all the time – whether it be learning a new technology, cooking a new recipe or mastering a new skill such as driving a car. Education can also be formal like school or university.


This talk will explore how to take value out of education, and what we should know in these times of AI and endless knowledge on the internet.


This event is aimed at people who are curious about studying or about gaining knowledge.



Age group: 15+


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Showing different angles of AI and emerging technologies 


During this panel session, we will share the latest information on AI, blockchain and the metaverse with the audience to show their power, and also to encourage future generations to develop an interest in this area of engineering.




Age group: 10-20 years


Sorry, this session is now fully booked!
Do join us at the IfM on the day and there may be a space available!





Easy experiments


Prepare to get your hands dirty and transform into a mini scientist. This interactive workshop with researchers from the Institute for Manufacturing invites you to get creative with science, and why not learn how to do some of these activities at home?


Suitable for ages: 3+ years. No booking required



Shoestring | Digital Manufacturing demonstrations


Come and see how the Shoestring team are using low-cost technologies like web cameras, Raspberry Pis, open source software, engbarcode scanners and tiny sensors (for temperature, distance, vibration, light intensity) to create simple systems that help manufacturing companies embrace digital technologies.

Age Group: 7+, No booking required



Interactive mapping to improve cities


Discover how the Colouring Cities’s international network using open-source code to generate interactive maps that create, store and visualise data on homes, offices, factories, shops and schools in order to improve the lives of city dwellers – building a digital twin that could help fight climate change impact.


No booking required



What would you use THAT for?


See some of the latest science-based products from local companies and win a prize for thinking of the most original ways to use them!



Age group: All ages, No booking required



Sounds amazing!


Learn about the science of sounds through fun activities with some of the world’s experts in sound recognition technology.


Age group: All ages, No booking required




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