The skills acquired on MET aim to prepare students for future leadership roles in technology businesses, manufacturing and enterprise. But, the skills acquired are universal: communication, leadership, problem solving and how to 'make things happen'.


As a result, MET graduates follow a wide range of career paths, including: starting companies, designing products, developing technologies, running a factory, advising companies and governments, working in banking and finance and pursuing academic research.


Beyond Cambridge: Spotlight on Careers

With Dan Ayres who did MET from 2011-2013 featured at 2.00 minutes.



MET Over Lunch


The alumni interviews: MET over lunch - Jonathan Duck took the Production Engineering Tripos (PET) 1981-1983, when it was only in its third year. It was renamed the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET) soon after.

From smoothies to Star Wars

George Rose graduated with an MEng in Manufacturing Engineering in 2010 and explains how she has moved from smoothies to Star Wars.

From Tripos to TripAdvisor

Since leaving the Department of Engineering, where she pursued the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET), alumna Lily Cheng has had a whirlwind career that now boasts President, APAC, at TripAdvisor.

Alumnus Phil Sorrell helps revolutionise high street banking with mobile innovation

Over a decade ago, Phil Sorrell set up FE-Mobile and with colleagues created the world’s first highly secure downloadable mobile banking platform, now used by millions worldwide.


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