Institute for Manufacturing

IfM: new thinking about manufacturing

 The IfM is part of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering


World-leading research

Our research aims to help:

  • Companies develop life-changing products and services, build better businesses, create meaningful jobs, and improve the environment for the future.
  • Governments foster innovation and enterprise to deliver social and economic benefits.

Our researchers work on a wide range of manufacturing-related topics: developing new materials and technologies; creating new insights into how digital manufacturing technologies and data analytics can be used to transform business models, supply chains and factories; and helping both industry and government understand how new technologies can be nurtured through the development phase and turned into successful businesses.


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World-class education

We provide undergraduate and postgraduate education to create the manufacturing leaders of the future.


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Real-world application

Through our dissemination arm, IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) Ltd, we provide consultancy and professional development to companies of all sizes and to national and regional governments. IfM ECS is owned by the University of Cambridge and our profits are gifted to the University to fund future research.


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