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Strategic Intellectual Property Forum continues engagement

23 May 2017

Industry experts at the forefront of software IP management presented at the latest Strategic Intellectual Property Forum.

IfM Briefing Day 2017 - The next production revolution

16 May 2017

On Thursday 11th May, over 100 delegates from across industry, government and academia gathered at the IfM in Cambridge to consider the implications of the next production revolution.

Being open about IP

15 May 2017

In an article written for The ConversationDr Frank Tietze, describes how open intellectual property (IP) can contribute to society by accelerating the uptake of sustainable technologies and systems.

The alumni interviews: Susan Long & Abi Bush

15 May 2017

Two MET graduates, Susan Long and Abi Bush, are changing the face of humanitarian aid using innovative manufacturing engineering solutions to help people around the world that are affected by disaster or war.

PhD Spotlight: Bang Ming Yong

15 May 2017

A passion for technology innovation and entrepreneurship and a desire to contribute to Malaysia’s burgeoning ICT industry is the driving force behind Bang Ming Yong’s seemingly endless energy.

IfM Review Issue 7: Manufacturing a better world

15 May 2017

IfM research is helping to contribute to global industrial sustainability - economic, environmental and societal - by addressing global "Grand Challenges". Read about some of the high-impact research being undertaken through IfM's research-meets-practice model.

Thought for food

12 May 2017

Dr Mukesh Kumar leads research in supply chain resilience at the IfM. He describes how his work is helping to tackle one of this century’s most important challenges: food safety.

Diagnosing deadly diseases

12 May 2017

University of Cambridge engineers and scientists from Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing and Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology groups have joined forces to develop an on-the-spot low-cost tool for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Disaster relief operations

12 May 2017

Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and droughts: when a natural disaster strikes, relief organisations react by providing medical treatment, food, water and shelter. However, in these difficult and chaotic circumstances mistakes are inevitably made and supply networks often prove to be insufficiently resilient.

Maintenance matters

12 May 2017

Dr Maria Holgado from the IfM’s Centre for Industrial Sustainability (CIS) has been researching maintenance and particularly how it can make a vital contribution to a company’s long-term sustainability – when measured economically, socially and environmentally.

Untangling the spaghetti

12 May 2017

The IfM’s NanoManufacturing group, under the leadership of Dr Michaël De Volder, is developing nanotechnologies to supply clean water for developing nations and build better batteries for renewable energy. Dr De Volder explains some of the strategies his team is employing to realise these goals.

Roadmapping a better future

12 May 2017

IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) has helped more than 300 public and private sector organisations with their strategic and technology innovation planning through the powerful technique of roadmapping.

High-value products from industrial waste

09 May 2017

CIS has been working closely with leading Sri Lankan garment manufacturing companies to transform waste streams into high value products through innovative remanufacturing processes and new business models.

Industrial sustainability - paradox or paradigm?

08 May 2017

IfM's Centre for Industrial Sustainability is focused on increasing our understanding of how to transform industrial behaviour to develop more sustainable environments, economies and societies. In this article, Centre Director, Professor Steve Evans, explains that increasing sustainability should not cost more.

BP pilot roundtable explores mobility future in Europe

02 May 2017

Experts from across Europe gathered in Cambridge recently to examine what mobility in Europe might look like in 2040.

Pushing design boundaries

26 April 2017

Young Design Engineer of the Year and MET alumnus Christopher Bellamy is using his innovative design skills to forge an exciting and diverse global career.

Prestigious grant to help low-income entrepreneurs in Brazil

26 April 2017

IfM Centre for Industrial Sustainability Director, Professor Steve Evans, and doctoral student Paulo Savaget Nascimento have teamed up with a Brazilian non-governmental organisation (NGO) to win a prestigious grant to help low-income entrepreneurs living in the slums of Belo Horizonte.

Innovating at scale: Business model innovation in the UK

25 April 2017

Dr Chandler Velu, head of the Business Model Innovation research programme, has been interviewed by The Economist Intelligent Unit for their report ‘Innovating at scale: Business model innovation in the UK’. 

Transforming supply chains through digitalisation

19 April 2017

Dr Jag Srai discusses how companies can take practical steps toward the digitalisation of their operations and supply chains in the latest issue of The Manufacturer.

Engaging school children in how stuff gets made

11 April 2017

An innovative outreach project to challenge outdated views of manufacturing and inspire primary school children to think about how we make things has won funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Policy Links report launched at global United Nations conference on manufacturing

29 March 2017

Governments need to take into account the increasing complexity of modern industries when developing new policies to support innovation, according to a new report on global advanced manufacturing.

Guiding industrial diversification in Trinidad and Tobago

22 March 2017

IfM ECS's Policy Links team has been working with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to develop a strategic roadmap for productive development policy in Trinidad and Tobago.

Strategic roadmapping - take control in times of uncertainty

21 March 2017

Dr Imoh Ilevbare, Product Manager (Innovation and Technology Management) at IfM Education and Consultancy Services, provides some insights into staying on the front-foot in a complex and rapidly-shifting political and technological landscape.

Patent applications surge in China

16 March 2017

IfM intellectual property (IP) expert Dr Frank Tietze discussed the strategy behind China's recent surge in patent filing in the Financial Times today.

Cambridge Service Alliance deputy director appointment

15 March 2017

Dr Mohamed Zaki has been appointed as Deputy Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA).

IfM lecturer recognised for teaching excellence

28 February 2017

Dr James Moultrie has been awarded one of the University of Cambridge's Pilkington Prizes - awarded to individuals who have shown teaching of exceptional quality.

Integrating roadmapping into whole of company strategy planning

21 February 2017

Global heavy industry manufacturer IHI Corporation is benefitting from better goal alignment and increased dialogue across departments within the company as a result of integrating roadmapping into its business planning strategy.

Leadership in the age of digital disruption

21 February 2017

Professor Andy Neely discusses five key issues manufacturing industry leaders should focus on if they want to survive in the age of digital disruption in the February issues of The Manufacturer.

Mexico-US trade and their automotive supply chains

26 January 2017

Head of IfM’s Centre for International Manufacturing, Dr Jagjit Singh Srai, spoke with BBC’s Business Live co-presenter Sally Bundock about the close links between the US and Mexican automotive industries and the possible unintended consequences of introducing barriers against Mexican imports, such as tariffs.

What's new at IfM: courses and events 2017

24 January 2017

At IfM we run a programme of short courses designed to develop delegates' capabilities in a number of key areas of IfM expertise. We also hold a number of annual thought leadership events at which industry leaders and Cambridge researchers share their insights on a wide range of topics.

IfM Head appointed to new role leading University of Cambridge's engagement with industry

22 January 2017

Professor Andy Neely, Head of IfM, has been appointed as the University of Cambridge's new Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Enterprise and Business Relations.

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