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               Synthetic Biology

               Redefining corporate strategy

               Mapping The Future of The Australian Rail Supply Network

               Roadmapping health and wellbeing in the UK rail industry

          Case studies

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                    Newton research grant cartoon

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          IfM Review

               Issue 7

                    Industrial sustainability: paradox or paradigm?

                    High-value products from industrial waste

                    Thought for food

                    Diagnosing deadly diseases

                    Disaster relief operations

                    Maintenance matters

                    Untangling the spaghetti

                    Being open about IP

                    PhD Spotlight: Bang Ming Yong

                    Roadmapping a better future

                    The alumni interviews: Susan Long & Abi Bush

               Issue 6

                    Digital manufacturing at the IfM

                    The digitalisation of manufacturing economies

                    The digitalisation of manufacturing economies

                    How bright is your digital future?

                    Getting smart with digital

                    The importance of standards in a digital world

                    Manufacturing leadership in the age of digital disruption

                    A disruptive influence

                    Digital manufacturing at the IfM

               Issue 5

                    The innovation game

                    Getting to grips with IP

                    A social network of things

                    Liquid assets

                    Roadmapping at BASF

                    Bridging the gap

                    The Cambridge Value Mapping Tool

                    Manufacturing Leaders

               Issue 4

                    Given in evidence

                    Small but mighty

                    50 years of manufacturing at Cambridge

                    Connecting the unconnected

                    Seeing the bigger picture

                    MET over lunch

               Issue 3

                    Advanced manufacturing - From research to real products

                    Management tools and toolkits

                    Is big data still big news?

                    Understanding the landscape

                    Getting creative in the kitchen

               Issue 2

                    DIAL B for Boeing

                    Making the shift to services

                    The lost art of risk management

                    New business models for a sustainable future

                    Innovation by design

                    From smoothies to Star Wars

                    2014 MET design projects

               Issue 1

                    3D printing The shape of things to come?

                    Predicting the unpredictable: the future of manufacturing

                    Small is beautiful: Why ultra precision manufacturing is such a big deal

                    Twenty-first century supply chains: Transforming the pharmaceutical industry

                    Cambridge: the view from Mars

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          International Manufacturing

               New Page

               News and Features

               Research Themes and Approach

               Current Research

                    Completed Research

               Strategic network design

                    Designing production networks

                    Managing the end-to-end supply chain

                    Developing service supply networks

                    Configuring global value networks within industrial ecosystems

               Emerging Themes

                    Risk and resilience

                    Sustainable supply networks

                    Mergers and acquisitions

                    Knowledge integration

                    E-commerce-driven 'last-mile' logistics

               Digital Supply Chains Consortium

               Case studies

                    Global packaging

                    Premium consumer goods

                    Aerospace and defence

                    Automotive sector in North West

                    Photovoltaic industry

                    Reconfiguring UK pharmaceutical supply chains

                    Pharmaceutical industry




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               Events and courses

                    Global Supply Chains Seminar


                    Conference and journal papers


                    Past members of CIM

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               News and Events

          Asset Management

               News and features

               Current Research Projects

                    Asset Management System Performance

                    Facebook for Machines

                    Predictive Analytics for Complex Equipment

                    Maintenance of complex systems

                    Criticality based Maintenance

                    Sustainable Design and Management of Industrial Assets

                    Data driven engineering to improve the performance of asset maintenance

                    Value-based Infrastructure Asset Management

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          Babbage Industrial Policy Network


                    Babbage Research Group

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               Babbage Lecture Series

               Babbage Network

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          Business Model Innovation

               The Imperative for Business Model Innovation

               News and features

               Key Research Projects



          Cambridge Service Alliance

               News and features


               Courses and events

          Design Management

               News and Features


               Current Research

               Completed Research

               Research Opportunities



               Design and NPD management tools

               Design and NPD management tools

                    Online market information

                    Market segmentation

                    Purchasing motivation matrix

                    Market structure illustration

                    Competitive file

                    Market size estimation: end-user demand

                    Market size estimation: current sales

                    Competitive analysis

                    User / customer interviews

                    Focus groups

                    Lead user analysis

                    Affinity diagrams

                    User profiles (personas)

                    Stakeholder analysis - lifecycle approach

                    Direct observation

                    Stakeholder selection & planning matrix

                    Delphi technique

                    Contextual inquiry

                    Kano model

                    Quality function deployment - QFD

                    Image boards

                    Product on a page - mission

                    The Elevator Speech

                    Product on a page - advert

                    Controlled convergence

                    Morphological charts

                    Osborn's checklist

                    Weighting and rating

                    Dot sticking

                    Concept testing

                    Unit cost analysis

                    Design efficiency calculation

                    Design complexity scorecard

                    Boothroyd & Dewhurst complexity factor

                    Value engineering / value analysis


                    Brain writing

                    Idea log

                    Process on a page

                    Process mapping (brown paper)

                    Project on a page

                    Risk assessment

                    FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)


                    Belbin's team roles

                    Who - when map

                    Project teams


               Design for Assembly


               Top management involvement in new product development

               Product design to transform your business workshop

               Sustainable design of medical devices

               Design management in the retail industry

               From Eco- to sustainable design

               Design knowledge transfer

               Managing technology feasibility within the medical device industry

               From co-production to co-creation (CoCo)

               Design Scoreboard

               Bridging the innovation gap

               Development of a design audit tool

               Innovation spaces

               Good design practice project

               Designing to Support Behaviour Change

          Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory

               News and Features

               Research Areas

                    Current Research Projects

                    Current PhD Projects

                    Current Student Projects

                    Completed Research Projects

                    PhD Opportunities

               Practical tools and techniques

                    Automation Assessment Tool

                    Industrial resilience audit

                    Information Quality Risk Assessment Tool

               Industrial Advisory Board


                    Conferences and Journals


                    Research Papers and Book Chapters


                    White Papers


                    Workshop on Product Intelligence

                    Presentations and Workshop Resources

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                    1st Cambridge Workshop on Product Intelligence



          Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing

               News and Features

               Research themes

                    Soft Matter Manufacturing Research

                    Novel Digital Manufacturing Techniques

                    Manufacturing Device Platforms

                    The Science of Scale-up

                    Perpetual products

               The Group




          Industrial Photonics

               Steen Laser Summit

               News and Features

               EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision (MRes & PhD)

               Current Research

                    Development and Optimisation of an Optofluidic Nano Tweezers System for Trapping Nanometre Crystals

                    Jaguar Land Rover iHUD project

                    Anode materials for high power microwave devices

                    Control System for Ultra Precision Processing

                    Design and Development of Solid State Additive Manufacturing Techniques

                    Display motion error reduction through novel binary dithering schemes

                    EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision

                    Design, Fabrication and Characterisation of Hierarchical Branching Vascular Networks

                    Femtosecond Laser Processing of Graphene for Device Applications

                    High Power Laser System with Built-in Dynamic Beam Shaping Capabilities

                    Novel energy delivery techniques for laser additive manufacturing from metal powders

                    High-speed mask-less laser controlled micro-additive manufacture

                    Control of residual stress and failure mechanisms for cold spray and laser-assisted cold spray.

                    Laser processing of carbon nanotube fibers and films

                    Multiple beam powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

                    Supersonic Laser Deposition of Wear-Resistant and Low-Friction Coatings

                    Ultra precision hybrid Laser-FIB platform

               Completed Research

                    Synthetic Biology

                    Free Space Construction in Metals


                    SprayLaze - Supersonic Laser Deposition

                    Cold Gas Dynamic Manufacturing

                    Discrete Computational Simulation for Manufacturing

                    High Speed Laser Cutting

                    High Brightness Fibre Laser Processing


                    Nozzle Design for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Light Source

                    ISO Compliant Online Laser Beam Monitoring

                    High speed patterning of individual carbon nanotubes

                    TEDDI: Tomographic Energy Dispersive Diffractive Imaging

                    Three Dimensional Laser Surface Modification

                    High Brightness Laser Thick Section Cutting

                    Spray Track

                    Wire Feed Metal Deposition

                    Precision Glass Microstructuring Using Femtosecond Laser Induced Chemical Etching

                    The use of ultrafast laser annealing to remove ion beam implanted gallium


                    Past Members of CIP





               TSB Smart Laser

               EPSRC Equipment Bid


          Industrial Sustainability


                    Performance variation

                    Sustainable value creation for manufacturing networks

                    Sustainable Industrial Systems

                    Sustainability assessment and knowledge exchange

                    Working with CIS



               Sustainable Business Models



               Sustainability Cohort

                    The Peak Programme




               IfM Sustainability Research

               Cambridge Sustainability Research


                    FMCG Sustainable Design Factors Framework

                    Cambridge Method for Value Generation

                    CIS Publications

                    Case Studies


               Resources and Publications

                    EPSRC UK-Japan Workshop

                    Case Study Examples

                    Towards a sustainable industrial system

                    Seminar Series

               News and Features



               EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability

          Industry and Government



                    Futures Resources

                    Government Policy Documents and Publications


                    Working Papers

               Regenerative Medicine (REMEDI)

               University level innovation policy

               High Value Manufacturing

               Investigating the technology-based innovation gap for the United Kingdom

               Manufacturing Visions (ManVis)

               Growth through High Value Manufacturing

               The Strategic Manufacturing Study

          Inkjet Research Centre

               News and Features

               Current Research

               Completed Research

                    I4T: Innovation in Industrial Inkjet Technology



               Inkjet Interest Group






               Next Generation Inkjet Technology

                    Next Generation: Background

                    Next Generation: Aims

                    Next Generation: Consortium

                    Next Generation: Research Activities

                    Next Generation: Collaborators

                    Next Generation: Companies

                    Next Generation: Academics

                    Next Generation: EPSRC

                    Next gen private site


               PhD Projects

          International Manufacturing

               Current Research


                    Conference and journal papers

               Events and Courses

               Capturing Value from Global Networks



               Systems Integrators in the Aerospace Industry

               Supplier Selection for China Sourcing Project

               Operation and Peformance of International Manufacturing Networks

               Manufacturing Mobility: Learning from International Manufacturing Transfers

               MIDAS: Manufacturing Infrastructure Development for the Aerospace Sector

               International manufacturing mobility

               International Manufacturing Location Decisions

               Knowledge Sharing in International Manufacturing Organisations

               Pursuing Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Synergies

               Process from Imitation to Innovation

               Host country assessment

               Global Manufacturing Virtual Network

               Manufacturing Futures

               Fitness For Transfer

               Developing International Manufacturing Capabilities

               International Manufacturing Configurations

               Setting up an International Manufacturing Joint Venture in China

               Creating Value with Biotechnology Manufacturing Networks

               The role of Regional Development Agencies in supply network development

               Inter-firm supply networks

               Intra-firm manufacturing networks

               Country characteristics and international trends

               Strategy for Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Formation: A Resource-based Process View

               Transition from Imitation To Innovation

               International manufacturing networks: configuration, capability and transformation

               Host country characteristics and manufacturing decisions

               Linking Industry Strategies with Economic Development

               Technology transfer: assessing the conditions

               The international transfer of manufacturing: linking content and process

               Knowledge Sharing and Reuse in International Manufacturing Networks: An Exploratory Study

               Capturing Value from Global Networks

          Manufacturing Industry Education Research

               News and features







               Research Background






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          Science, Technology & Innovation Policy

               News and Features

                    The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Governments and Business

               Research Approach

               Research Themes

                    Public research base and dynamics of innovation

                    Technological, manufacturing & industrial systems

                    Science, Technology & Industrial Emergence

                    Foresight, Innovation & Challenge-Driven Agendas

                    Innovation System Institutions: Regulation & Standards

                    Economic Value Capture from Industrial-Innovation Systems

                    Industrial-Innovation Landscape Analysis Inside the Black Box of Modern Manufacturing Systems

               Policy Visitors & Placements

                    Policy Visitors

                    CSTI Secondments

                    Catherine Coates - visiting fellow

                    Charles Featherston's secondment

               Studies, Reports & Briefing Notes

               Babbage Industrial Policy Network


               International STI Policy Forums

                    Second International STI Policy Forum: Singapore

                    First International STI Policy Forum: Japan


                    Past Events




                    Briefing notes

                    Grant Writer's Handbook

               Student projects & Jobs


               Manufacturing Futures Portal

                    Manufacturing Futures Database

          Strategy and Performance

               Current Research

               Completed Research

               Publications and Resources

                    Winning decisions: translating business strategy into action Plan

                    Regaining control

                    Strategy modelling and visualization links

                    Useful Links

                    Definition of Terms

                    Publications 1988-1995

                    Publications 1996-2000

                    Publications 2001-2005

                    Publications 2006-2010

                    Publications 2011 To Date


               Working with Industry



               Development of a Next-Generation Intervention Process with Modeling and Visualization Support

               New Generation Process for Enterprise Planning

               Roles of Performance Measurement in the Gas and Electric Supply Industry

               The Roles of Postponement in Supply Chain Strategies

               Resource Based Strategy: Competences and Co-ordination Methods

               Developing Business Excellence Models

               Measuring the value creation of knowledge management programs

               Investigating a concept of service strategy in advanced manufacturing firms

               A Framework for Developing Manufacturing Strategy in Start-up Companies

               Total Cost Modelling for Overseas Sourcing/Outsourcing

               Exploring strategies of distribution networks in an emerging market

               Manufacturing Strategy and Performance Measurement

               Linking Business Strategy to Action Plans

               Competence, capability and resource analysis

               Complexity in Manufacturing

               Complexity in the supply chain

               Industrial Make-or-Buy Decisions

               Make-Buy Decisions for New Technologies

               Managing Strategic Investments: Toward a Resource Allocation and Analysis Tool (SIRAT)

               The Impact of Novelty on Ramp-up Manufacturing

               Manufacturing Flexibility: Achieving Mix Flexibility in the Caribbean Flour Milling Industry

               Developing a Predictive Performance Measurement System

               The Use of Performance Measurement at the Interface Between OEMs and Suppliers in the Automotive In

               Competence and Resource Measurement: A Methodology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

               Identification and exploitation of intangible assets - The push for commercial opportunity

               Modeling and Visualization for Strategic Problem Solving

               Strategy Visualisation: Knowing, Understanding, and Formulating

               Evaluation of performance measurement systems

               Co-creation in military complex service systems

               Resource Based Strategy: Competences and Coordination Methods

               Exploiting synergistic technology competences

               Strategy formation in high growth SMEs

               Enabling Innovation Ecosystems in the MENA Region

          Technology Enterprise

               Digital Fabrication

                    What's going on in 3D printing

          Emerging Industries

               Aims and Outputs

               Research Approach


               Managing creation and transitions

               Design in science

               Manufacturing strategy for start-ups project

               Investment frameworks project

               Policy and regulation project

               Supply networks project

          Technology Management

               Technology Management

               STIM 2016

               News and Features

               Research Areas

                    Strategic Technology Management

                    Innovation and IP Management

                    Technology Enterprise

               CTM Research papers 1995 - 2000

               STIM Consortium

               CTM Research papers 2015


                    Research Publications

                    Working Papers



                    CTM Books

                    Technology Management Guides

                    Speeding new products to market

                    Better Product Design workbook

                    Managing product development collaborations

                    Software Sourcing Checklist

               CTM Research papers 2001 - 2005



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               Consultancy and support

               CTM Research papers 2006 - 2010

               Short courses and events

               CTM Research papers 2011 - 2012

               CTM Research papers 2013 - 2014

               PhD opportunities


               Technology Management Decision Support Tools

               Technology Valuation and Marketing

               Technology Intelligence

               Technology Acquisition through Collaboration

               An investigation into the treatment of risk and uncertainty in roadmapping

               Technology Management Tool Configuration

               Organising for breakthrough innovation

               Innovation Management for SME's

               Strategic Roadmapping

               Roadmapping Case Studies

               Industrial Emergence

               Technology acquisition and protection

               Make or buy?

               Towards Flexible Management for the Fuzzy Front-End of Innovation

               EPSRC - The Future of Patent Analytics: A Foresight Study of Breakthrough-enabling Technologies

               Developing a framework for depicting the radical innovation process in established firms

               Commercialisation of advanced material innovations

               The influence of the characteristics of CEO's on open innvation in SME's

               Open Innovation

               Getting help with Open Innovation

               Strategic Technology and Innovation Management Consortium 2013

               Strategic Technology and Innovation Management Consortium 2014

               Strategic Technology and Innovation Management Consortium 2015


               Public Calendar Frank Tietze

          High Value Production

          EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability

          Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre


               Westnet Contacts

               Westnet Map

               Westnet Events

          Decision Support Tools

               Affinity Charting

               Analytical Hierarchy Process

               Balanced Scorecard


               Boston Plot


               Capabilities and Competences

               Capability and Maturity

               Cause & Effect

               Check Sheets and Check Lists


               Conflict Analysis

               Control Charts

               Corporate Strategy

               Cost / Benefit / Risk Analysis

               Criteria Rating Form

               Critical Path Analysis

               Customer Surveys and Interviews

               Data Sources

               Decision Trees

               Deming Cycle

               Deming's 14 points

               Drawing Packages

               Finite Capacity Scheduling

               Flexibility Framework

               Flow Charts

               Force field Analysis

               From/to Chart

               Gap Analysis

               Graphs, Gantt, Histograms & Bar Charts

               Hewlett-Packard Return Map

               Importance / Performance Matrix

               Innovation Funnel

               JIT Just-in-Time manufacturing


               Manufacturing Decision Areas

               Manufacturing Resource Planning

               Marketing, 4Ps of

               Materials Requirements Planning


               Matrix 2x2

               Mintzberg's 5 Ps for Strategy

               Polar charts, Radar charts

               Porter's 5 Forces

               Porter's Generic Competitive Strategies

               Porter's Value Chain

               Product Life Cycle

               Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

               Quality Framework

               Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

               Quality Awards and Organisations

               Quality, Time, Cost & Flexibility

               Quantitative Decision Making

               Robustness Analysis

               Sensitivity Analysis

               Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA)

               Soft Systems Methodology

               Spreadsheets and databases

               Statistical Software

               Strategic Assessment Model

               Strategic Assumptions Surfacing and Testing

               Strategic Choice Approach

               SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

               Time Framework

               TQM Tools

               Trade-off Models

               Value Chain (Porter's)

               Vroom's expectancy theory

          IfM Research Capability Development Programme

               Upcoming Events

               Vitae Researcher Framework




          Catalogue of IfM Tools


          Undergraduate - Manufacturing Engineering Tripos

               Features and news

               Course Overview

               MET IIA (3rd year students)

                    Modules and assessments

                    Industrial Visits

                    Major Project

                    Design Show

                    Skills Programme

                    MET IIA: 3P1

                    MET IIA: 3P2

                    MET IIA: 3P3

                    MET IIA: 3P4

                    MET IIA: 3P5

                    MET IIA: 3P6

                    MET IIA: 3P7

                    MET IIA: 3P8

                    MET IIA: 3P9

                    MET IIA: 3P10

                    Design Show 2012

                    Design Show 2011

                    Design Show 2010

                    Design Show 2009

                    Design Show 2008

                    Design Show 2007

                    Design Show 2006

                    MET IIA Handbook

               MET IIB (4th year students)

                    Modules and Assessments

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                    Evaluating and selecting technology-based projects course

                    Visual Approaches for Strategy and Innovation Management Seminar

                    Technology Intelligence Workshop

                    Realising the Potential of Early Stage Technologies Workshop

                    Manufacturing Analytics: Aligning KPIs and Strategy in an Era of Big Data Workshop

                    Develop successful manufacturing and operations strategies workshop

                    Product design to transform your business workshop

                    STIM in-company course

                    Making the shift to services executive workshop

                    The Cambridge Tribology Course

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