In the third year, there are ten taught modules, as described in the table below. With the exception of 3P3 Product Design, which is assessed by coursework, all other modules are assessed by examination. For more information on each of the module titles for more information.







3P1 Materials into products From microstructure to mechanical property: manufacturing process optimisation for all classes of solids 100% Examination Mich
3P2 Operation and control of production machines & systems The specification, operation and management of production machines and systems 100% Examination Mich
3P3 Design Integrating engineering and industrial design in the creation of new products 100% Coursework Mich
3P4 Operations management The management of material and information flow in the supply chain 100% Examination Lent
3P5 Industrial engineering The design of production flows and operations in manufacturing 100% Examination Lent
3P6 Organisational behaviour An introduction to the theory of organisational behaviour 100% Examination Mich
3P7 Managing business and people An introduction to the processes involved in starting and running a business 100% Examination Lent
3P8 Financial and management accounting An introduction to the principles and practice of financial and management accounting 100% Examination Mich & Lent
3P9 Industrial economics, strategy and governance An introduction to the principles and practice of industrial economics, strategy and corporate governance 100% Examination Lent
3P10 Contemporary issues in manufacturing (a) Integrative industrial visits to study modern manufacturing practice.

(b) Lectures to introduce current topics
100% Examination Mich (lectures)



The course is assessed by examinations and coursework. The ten modules are worth a total of 600 marks, and coursework totals 240 marks.


There are six written examination papers, as follows:

  • Paper 1 (Single module): Materials into products (60 marks)
  • Paper 2 (Single module): Production machines and systems (60 marks)
  • Paper 3 (Double module): Operations management; Industrial engineering (120 marks)
  • Paper 4 (Double module) : Organisational behaviour; Managing business and people (120 marks)
  • Paper 5 (Double module): Financial and management accounting; Industrial economics, strategy and governance (120 marks)
  • Paper 6 (Single module): Contemporary issues in manufacturing (60 marks)

In addition to the six examination papers, candidates take Module 3P3 (Design) which is assessed by coursework only. 60 marks are available for this module.


Coursework accounts for 240 marks, as follows:

  • Major project: 140 marks
  • CAD/CAM exercise: 30 marks
  • Production game: 30 marks
  • Industrial Visits: 40 marks

Note: this may change, please check the course handbook and examinations notice for up to date information