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Dr Letizia Mortara

Senior Research Associate

Business Model Innovation, Technology Management


Research interests

Letizia’s current focus is in the areas of Strategic Technology Management and Technology Enterprise.


Specific research projects include Technology intelligence (i.e. activity set-up in order to keep abreast with the latest developments in technology) Open Innovation, and the advent of Digital Fabrication technologies in manufacturing and their implications for business.



Letizia Mortara joined the IfM's Centre for Technology Management as a Research Associate in 2005. Letizia has a first degree in Industrial Chemistry gained at the University of Bologna in Italy. After spending three years working as a process/product manager in the chemical industry, she moved to the UK where she gained her PhD in processing and process scale-up of advanced ceramic materials at Cranfield University.




Books, Reports and Guides


Communicating technology intelligenceCommunicating Technology Intelligence

This Practice Guide examines some of the barriers to effective Technology Intelligence communication and explores the ways in which intelligence can be better communicated and hence transferred to decision-makers.



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Mortara L., Ford, S. (2012) Technology Acquisitions. A guided approach to technology acquisition and protection decisions. University of Cambridge, ISBN: 978-1-902546-39-1.




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Mortara, L. (2010). Getting help with open innovation. Cambridge (UK), Institute for Manufacturing - University of Cambridge, 978-1-902546-91-9





Report cover

Mortara, L., I. Slacik, J.J. Napp, T. H. W. Minshall, (2009) How to implement Open Innovation. Lessons from multinational companies. Report ISBN: 978-1-902546-75-9.




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Dissel, M., C. Farrukh, L. Mortara., V. Thorne, Making the Business Case for Technologies: A five step process guide. (2009) Guidebook ISBN 978-1-902546-81-0



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Mortara L., Kerr, C.I.V., Phaal, R. Probert, D. Technology Intelligence – Identifying threats and opportunities from new technologies, IfM, Cambridge (2007), Series: Product and service innovation. 




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