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A framework and methodology for developing business improvement tools

Dr Imoh Ilevbare, Product Manager for IfM Education and Consultancy Services, describes the IfM’s approach to developing business tools and processes from cutting-edge research.

Flow measurement handbook. Industrial designs, operating principles, performance, and applications. SECOND EDITION

Flow Measurement Handbook is a reference for engineers on flow measurement techniques and instruments. This is the second edition.


ISBN 9781107045866

Fundamentals of Inkjet Printing: The Science of Inkjet and Droplets

From droplet formation to final applications, this practical book presents the subject in a comprehensive and clear form, using only content derived from the latest published results.


ISBN 978-3-527-33785-9

One Thousand kWh - The Eco-Efficiency Card Game

One thousand kWh can help you learn about energy efficiency. The game provides examples of good practices for the whole family. The aim is to save 1,000 kWh and the first player to reach this energy saving target wins!

Technology Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation: Charting the Route to Success

Technology roadmapping is a core method to help companies and other organisations gain orientation for future opportunities and changes.

This book is a key resource for technology roadmapping – it provides expert knowledge in four areas.

ISBN 978-3642339226

Communicating Technology Intelligence

This Practice Guide examines some of the barriers to effective Technology Intelligence communication and explores the ways in which intelligence can be better communicated and hence transferred to decision-makers.

The Grant Writer’s Handbook

The Grant Writer's Handbook: How to Write a Research Proposal and Succeed provides useful and practical advice on all aspects of proposal writing, including developing proposal ideas, drafting the proposal, dealing with referees, and budgeting.

Total Information Risk Management: Maximizing the Value of Data and Information Assets

How well does your organization manage the risks associated with information quality?

Inkjet technology for digital fabrication

A comprehensive overview of the use of inkjet printing for digital fabrication, with contributions from academic researchers and leading names in industry.


Published 2012 Hardback 392 pages


ISBN 978-0470-68198-5

Design in Science: Exploring how industrial designers can contribute to scientific research

Explores ways in which designers might support the commercialisation of early stage science.

£49.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-47-6

Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation

More than a decade of research at the IfM's Centre for Technology Management has gone into producing the first ever textbook on strategic roadmapping.

£195.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-82-7

Making the Right Things in the Right Places

Describes a structured approach to understanding and exploiting a company's international 'manufacturing footprint' - the location of its plants around the globe, what their roles should be and how they interact with each other.

Download free or £25 hardcopy plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-61-2

T-Plan: the fast start to Technology Roadmapping. Planning your route to success

A step-by-step guide to applying technology and product roadmapping techniques in your organisation using the minimum of resources. Volume discounts are available, please enquire for details. (2001, Spiralbound, 124 pages).

£149.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-09-4

Assessing and improving product design capability

Explains how to assess product design capability through the use of a product and process audit.

£50.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-14-8

Technology intelligence: Identifying threats and opportunities from new technologies

Helps companies evaluate their systems for keeping abreast of the latest technology developments and to identify areas for improvement.

£75.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1902546513

Managing product development collaborations

Offers practical guidance for the effective management of product development collaborations

£49.50 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-15-5

Creating a winning business formula

Explains how to review current processes and procedures and develop and implement a new manufacturing strategy. (Part of a series of three books) (2002, Paperback, 116 pages)

£50.00 plus P&P

ISBN 0-521-75029-6

Getting the measure of your business

Provides simple but effective tools to develop a performance measurement system to match a company's manufacturing strategy. (2002, Paperback, 143 pages)

£49.00 plus P&P

ISBN 0-521-75031-8

Competing through competences

Reveals an organisation's potential, its capabilities and limitations, in order to build a more sustainable competitive advantage.

£50.00 plus P&P

ISBN 0-521-75030-X

Making the Business Case for Technologies: A five step process guide

Convincing someone to invest in new technologies is one of the most important tasks of technology management. Yet the actual process of getting the buy-in decision is often inconclusive. (2009, Paperback, 26 pages)

£75.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-81-0

Make-or-Buy: A practical guide to industrial sourcing decisions

Offers a structured process, reviewing all relevant factors, to help the choice between producing 'in-house' and using an outside supplier. £95 (2001, Spiralbound, 68 pages)

£95.00 plus P&P

ISBN 1-902546-07-5

Developing a make or buy strategy for manufacturing business

A structured approach to making 'make-or-buy' decisions. (IEE Manufacturing series 1) (1997, hard cover, 132 pages)

£35.00 plus P&P

ISBN 0-85296-863-9

Strategy workshop toolkit

How to 'herd wild cats' and create breakthrough strategies

£18.99 plus P&P

ISBN 978-0-9565638-0-4

Designing for low-volume production

Provides cost analysis techniques and design tactics for products manufactured in small batch sizes, to help you meet demanding cost targets or reduce manufacturing costs. £39 (2001, Spiralbound, 88 pages)

£39.00 plus P&P

ISBN 1-902546-06-7

Manufacturing location decisions: Choosing the right location for international manufacturing facilities

Provides a systematic process to follow when choosing the location of international manufacturing sites, taking into account both strategic and operational issues. (2000, Spiralbound, 58 pages)

£75.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-05-6

Manufacturing mobility: A strategic guide to transferring manufacturing capability

A step-by-step guide to planning the international transfer of production technology, allowing potential problems to be identified early in the planning stages. (1999, Spiralbound, 50 pages)

£75.00 plus P&P

ISBN 978-1-902546-02-5

Fitness for transfer: Assessing manufacturing technologies for relocation

Deals with one of the most problematic stages in international manufacturing transfer - evaluating the ease or difficulty with which a particular technology may be moved to a new location. (1999, Spiralbound, 68 pages)

£75.00 plus P&P

ISBN 1-902546-01-6

An introductory guide to industrial flow

Aimed at the busy practising engineer who wishes to become familiar with the fundamentals of fluid mechanics as quickly and painlessly as possible. The essential ideas are presented in a clear and concise way, using straightforward mathematics, links with everyday observations, and some simple engineering calculations. (1996, hardbound, 230 pages)

£30.00 plus P&P

ISBN 0-85298-983-0
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