During that time we have helped more than 300 public and private sector organisations with their strategic, technology and innovation planning. To illustrate the flexibility of the roadmapping approach, a series of case studies is being prepared, focusing on firm-level applications:

We worked with a global leader in packaging to support a more strategic approach to managing innovation projects and improve communication and co-ordination across its geographically dispersed units.

We helped a global manufacturing organisation align their long-term technology research and their business goals, whilst also realigning the corporate research budget according to the future needs of the company.
We collaborated with an oil and gas multinational which was sponsoring the development of a new technology at the University of Cambridge to facilitate industry-university research alignment and develop an agreed plan of the next stages of development.


The IfM is a world centre of excellence for roadmapping. Through our knowledge transfer company, IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS), we run roadmapping projects for businesses of all sizes, universities, and national and international public bodies. We also run training courses to provide delegates with the knowledge and confidence to apply roadmapping concepts and methods within their own organisations.


Read our latest case studies below to see a selection of strategic roadmapping projects and get in touch if you would like more information.


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Centre for Technology Management
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Case studies


Roadmapping Reveals Opportunities for Global Organisation
Working with a global leader in packaging to embed roadmapping across its business to support a more strategic approach to managing innovation.

Roadmapping Aligns Research Strategy in a Global Manufacturing Organisation
We have helped a global manufacturing company resolve a lack of strategic alignment between its business goals and longer term technology research.

Industry-university research alignment facilitated by roadmapping
An international oil and gas organisation sponsoring a university research project with significant commercial application needed help to develop an agreed plan of the next stages of development.
See all case studies


See all case studies


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