Marketing & Communications Assistant, IfM ECS

(Part-time: 20 hours a week)


We are looking for an enthusiastic and pro-active person to support our small marketing communications team. This is a great opportunity for someone who already has some experience in a marketing or communications role and who enjoys creating digital and print content and developing social media channels. 


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To apply, please send a cv and covering letter to Kate Willsher.

Closing date: 9 December 2016



Events and Marketing Administrator, IfM ECS

(Maternity cover: 9 to 12 months)


We are looking for an organised and confident person who can provide maternity cover to help the team deliver and promote the IfM’s programme of events and executive and professional development. 


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To apply, please send a cv and covering letter to Kate Willsher.

Closing date: 9 December 2016



EPSRC PhD Studentship in OpenIP strategies for emerging technologies

Project Title: OpenIP strategies for emerging technologies


The research will be focused on a recent phenomenon that can be labelled “OpenIP” where large IP owners strategically make IP freely available through patent pledges. These seem to be carefully designed by the companies for different reasons and with a number of restrictions on licensees, such as non-assertion clauses. The purpose of this project is to better understanding OpenIP strategies and their consequences on technology diffusion as well as their societal impact.


The Centre for Technology Management is looking for a candidate with, or expected to gain a high 2:1, preferably a 1st class honours degree in Engineering or Industrial Engineering and Management. They should have a good knowledge or experience of technology and innovation management, preferably with specific knowledge of open innovation strategies and IP management.

Deadline for applications: 31 January 2017.


Full description and application details



EPSRC PhD Scholarship in Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0/Asset Management

Project Title: Improving asset management through a social internet of things

This is an PhD position starting October 2017 funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.


The aim of the project is to develop a social network platform where different assets (using software agents) in a system can share their status and take cooperative actions to enable optimal system performance. This involves the monitoring and prediction of asset condition and optimal coordination of maintenance actions.


Applicants need to have, or expect to achieve, a high 2:1 or first-class degree in Computer Science or Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering. A good understanding of software architectures, internet of things and data analytics, in addition to software programming experience will be advantageous. Willingness and capacity to learn and develop new concepts is critical.


Deadline for applications: 31 January 2017.


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EPSRC PhD Studentship in Scalable fabrication of anisotropic carbon nanotube structures

The aim of this project is to develop a scalable method for fabricating anisotropic carbon nanotube (CNT) structures. Anisotropic CNT structures offer a unique ability to guide fluids, cells, heat and electricity in pre-defined directions. These structures enable novel applications but cannot be manufactured cost efficiently to date. This project aims to address this challenge and to better understand the properties of these anisotropic materials.


Qualifications required: Applicants should have (or expect to obtain by the start date) at least a good 2.1 degree with preferably a good understanding of nanotechnology and a background in Engineering or a related subject.


Deadline for applications: 15 March 2017.


Full description and application details



PhD opportunities in innovation and intellectual property management

The Centre for Technology Management at the IfM invites applications for a PhD position within our innovation and intellectual property management research group.


The group is characterized by a young dynamic staff with strong research collaborations between industry and academia. We take a broad definition of IP and employ a relational perspective focusing on IP as enabler for collaborative and distributed innovation processes (i.e. Open Innovation). We have a primary interest in IP challenges for accelerating the development of emerging (manufacturing) technologies for supporting UK manufacturing. The group applies engineering principles to solve real life managerial problems, for example, through the development of new tools, techniques, approaches and methods.


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PhD studentship in Development of innovation for societal challenges

A Funded PhD Studentship is available at the Centre for Technology Management. The project will attempt to identify how innovative solutions for challenges which affect society can be developed in Fab-spaces – i.e. environments where communities of individuals can access professional-grade manufacturing tools.


Applicants should have (or expect to obtain by the start date) at least a good 2.1 degree (and preferably a Masters degree) in an engineering, sociology, management, geography or economics and demonstrate a keen interest and some proficiency in studying innovation management.


The deadline for applications is 31 January 2017.


Full description and application details



PhD Studentship in Developing Skills and Capabilities for Industry 4.0

Project Title: Developing Skills and Capabilities for Industry 4.0


This project aims to identify and characterise the skills and capabilities required for manufacturing engineers within the era of digital manufacturing / ‘Industry 4.0’.


We are looking for candidates with, or expected to gain a high 2:1, preferably a 1st class honours degree in industrial / manufacturing engineering
A good knowledge or experience of skills / capabilities development is essential.


Deadline for applications: 31 January 2017.


Full description and application details



PhD opportunity in Supply Chain Data analytics and the Internet of Things

Industrial supply chains are emergent chains of manufacturers that outsource production to each other. These chains are subject to a variety of disruptions that impact their function and performance.


With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies, it is now possible to create systems in which the disruption of a supplier can be detected and communicated to its dependent manufacturers, who can then organise internal production accordingly. However, there is a lack of solutions that allow such corrections to take place at each part of an interdependent supply chain. Such a solution would need to take data input from all dependent manufacturers and arrive at trade off solutions. Currently every supply chain member responds to disruptions in a reactive, independent way, buying excessive stock, which increases material waste.


This project will explore the use of IoT data and Machine learning/Data Analytics techniques to help coordinate disrupted supply chains so that waste is minimised.


Contact Dr Alexandra Brintrup for further information.


Deadline for applications: 31 January 2017.

Full description and application details



4 Year PhD in Ultra Precision Engineering

The EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Ultra Precision is a new national training and research centre based in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and the Centre for Precision Engineering at Cranfield University.


We train future leaders of UK manufacturing industry and academe, equipped with enhanced research, analytical, and innovation skills that will enable them to successfully address the full range of ultra precision manufacturing problems of the future.


We aim to produce a new generation of ultra precision research engineers that will deliver future developments in precision manufacturing technology and systems capable of delivering nanometer levels of precision. Research topics will explore materials processing technologies including, focused ion beam machining, reactive atom plasma processing, ultra-fast laser processing, micro-diamond machining, and on-line metrology. In addition to the design, development, and operation of advanced production platforms capable of direct-write nanofabrication, roll-to-roll printing and forming, micro additive and subtractive processing.


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EPSRC PhD Studentship in Infrastructure Asset Management

Applications are invited for an EPSRC-funded Doctoral Training Grant in Infrastructure Asset Management. 


Project outline


Developing overall maintenance plans is extremely challenging for organisations that manage our nation’s infrastructure . How much money to spent on which assets of what type under ever-decreasing budgets is an issue that needs to be addressed. At present, this is done in an unscientific and ad-hoc manner, which means that the users and taxpayers are potentially not getting the best value-for-money from the infrastructure. This PhD project aims to develop a model and tool for optimising the annual maintenance plan for a portfolio of diverse assets (e.g., a county council needs to determine the optimal maintenance plan for their roads, bridges, lights etc) with an aim to deliver maximum value to the stakeholders over a time-horizon.


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Opportunities for research students

Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering

The IfM integrates research and education across the spectrum from production technologies through management to policy, with practical application in industry. We are always keen to hear from outstanding students for our MPhil and three-year PhD Research Degrees. Grants may be available. 


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