PhD opportunities in innovation, economics and strategy for JANUARY and OCTOBER 2016

Applications are invited for PhD candidates in the field of innovation and technology management, business economics and strategy at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), part of the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. The IfM is a world-class research centre addressing some of the key issues in modern manufacturing and working extensively with industry.


The Malaysia-UK Innovation Alliance, an initiative of Agensi Innovation Malaysia (AIM) in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia, the Malaysian Public Services Department (JPA), Ministry of Higher Education (MoE) and Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) offers an exclusive opportunity for qualified Malaysian scholars from the public sector to pursue PhD studies at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. The application is open to all existing civil servants under JPA, lecturers under MOE and employees of MARA. The sponsorship of scholarship is subject to the eligibility criteria of the repsective sponsorship providers.


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Chief Finance and Operations Officer

IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS)


Closing date: 17.00 on Monday 5 October


IfM ECS disseminates the research and education outputs of the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), manages ideaSpace on behalf of the University and supports the dissemination of outputs from the University’s Department of Engineering in order to:

  • Enable learning from the application of research to ‘real world’ industry and government needs
  • Demonstrate impact that benefits both customers and the University
  • Generate income to fund future research

The Chief Finance and Operations Officer’s primary responsibilities fall into three areas: Financial; Corporate and Legal; and Operations Management.


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Opportunities for research students

Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering

The IfM integrates research and education across the spectrum from production technologies through management to policy, with practical application in industry. We are always keen to hear from outstanding students for our MPhil and three-year PhD Research Degrees. Grants may be available. 


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