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Opportunities in IfM ECS

IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) is seeking to expand its activities for industry and government through the appointment of a small number of high-calibre Associates. Our Associates apply IfM research via consultancy and/or education services, working nationally and internationally with:

  • Government and Government Agencies to help create the conditions for growth. Key services for national and regional governments include: Landscaping to identify opportunities for growth and the capabilities needed to secure sustainable advantage; Sector and technology roadmapping to identify, and build consensus for, a ‘chosen future’ and how to it is to be realised; Improve the competitveness of small and mid-size firms in sector supply chains through strategy and capability development; and support science and technology-led innovation
  • Large and Multinational Firms to support sustainable growth. Key services include: Innovation and technology management; reconfiguration of global supply, production, service and value networks; business model innovation, capability development and performance measurement for firms transitioning to service-based business models
  • Smaller and Mid-size Firms to clarify strategies and priorities for capability development as enablers for growth. These services deploy time-efficient, effective approaches designed for smaller firms, such as: Whole-business diagnosis and prioritisation; business strategy development and implementation planning; innovation and technology management; capability development planning for key areas across the business, such as supply chain management.

IfM ECS is wholly-owned by the University of Cambridge. Its profits are gifted to the University to fund future research and education activities.


The characteristics we seek in our Associates include a high calibre academic background; 15-25 years experience in industry and/or related policy areas, much at senior levels; and in interest in applying academic management and policy research to real industrial challenges and communicating learning from application to researchers.


We offer our Associates the opportunity to deploy high quality-research-based offerings to address some of today’s (and tomorrow’s) most interesting industrial challenges; a highly collaborative team environment; and an increasingly strong reputation for delivering impactful outputs to clients.


If you would like to explore this opportunity, please contact Peter Templeton, Chief Executive Officer on:


The IfM is currently advertising the following postdoctoral researcher vacancies:


Research Assistant/Research Associate in Nanotechnology*

Salary: £24,775-£37,394

Ref:  NM04103

Deadline:  19 September 2014


In this project, we aim at the development of new scalable techniques to create highly organized assemblies of carbon nanotubes and graphene using roll-to-roll coating. This process involves understanding of the rheology of nanoparticle suspensions as well as control of colloidal forces between the nanoparticles. The project will follow a methodical approach, bringing together different fields of research ranging from large scale coating technologies to nanoscale material self-assembly techniques.


We will consider candidates with various research backgrounds including materials science, chemistry, engineering, and colloidal physics. We seek candidates with experience in roll-to-roll coating, rheology, colloidal physics, self-assembly, chemical modification or synthesis of nanomaterials, as well as nanomaterial characterization techniques. Applicants are required to have a PhD or being close to obtaining a PhD.


If you have any questions about this vacancy or the application process, please contact Dr Michael De Volder: email


*Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available until 28 February 2016 in the first instance. 


This opportunity is also advertised on the University's website here.  



Research Assistant/Research Associate - sustainable value creation in an industrial context**

Salary: £24,775-£37,394

Ref:  NM04193

Deadline:  10 September 2014


The purpose of this role is to support and maintain the University's national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Contribution to excellence in research will be as a member of a research team carrying out research at a similar level to that undertaken by lecturing staff and will provide substantial scope for academic judgement, originality, interpretation and presentation of results. The role holder will assist with grant administration and the writing of reports for funding bodies. Contribution to teaching will include assistance in the presentation of seminars and may include participation in the research group's teaching programme. The post holder will participate in the overall contribution of the department/faculty, as appropriate.


If you have any questions about this vacancy or the application process, please contact Sharon Mey, by email at or by phone on +44 01223 766402.


**Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available for 12 months in the first instance.


This opportunity is also advertised on the University's website here




The IfM is currently advertising the following studentships:


PhD opportunities in Innovation, Economics and Strategy (Malaysia-UK Innovation Alliance)

Ref:  NM03932

The Malaysia-UK Innovation Alliance (which was set-up by Agensi Innovation Malaysia (AIM) under the Prime Minister’s Office in Malaysia) has set-up five scholarships for students pursuing PhD studies at the Institute for Manufacturing. The PhD studentships will be sponsored by the Malaysian Public Services Department (JPA). The application is open to all existing JPA scholars who have previously obtained funding through an open process, for either their undergraduate or masters studies. The scholarship will cover fees and living allowance for the duration of the programme.


The Malaysia-UK Innovation Alliance seeks to support the exchange of knowledge and intellectual property between the Malaysian and the UK manufacturing sectors as they seek to increase the range of value-added products and sciences through the application of science, technology and innovation. The objectives of the Alliance include among others:

  1. To enhance the Malaysian innovation ecosystem creating new opportunities for manufacturing firms.
  2. To enable world class, applied research focusing on innovation ecosystems and innovation in high value manufacturing and services.
  3. To provide lessons from Cambridge entrepreneurs and the broader UK innovation ecosystem for Malaysian firms.

Research areas for prospective PhD students include:

  1. The commercialisation of University IPR in Malaysia, which includes 4,000 research projects that were narrowed down to 200 with commercial potential.
  2. The journey of 10 companies with innovative technologies that received Investment funding from AIM. 
  3. Benchmarking the Innovation skills projects undertaken by AIM (Thinking Skills in all state schools, the setting up of the Design Thinking School, etc) against the backdrop of similar initiatives in other countries. 
  4. The future of government involvement in promoting innovation in Malaysia. AIM has been set up as a Statutory Body in 2010 and would cease to exist in 2020. How effective have the policies of AIM been? What should be the country’s direction after 2020?
  5. The attributes of firms in the Cambridge entrepreneurial cluster that can be transferred to Malaysian companies, in particular, the high survival rate.
  6. The enablers and barriers to innovation policy in Malaysia
  7. The role and evolution of business models in entrepreneurship among Malaysian firms
  8. Role of innovative business models in Malaysia’s economic development
  9. Role of new technologies in manufacturing and services in Malaysia

Proposals with either quantitative or qualitative research methods are encouraged. The successful applicant will have at least a 1st or 2.1 class degree or equivalent.


Interested applicants should review the research conducted at the Institute for Manufacturing and in particular Professor Andy Neely and Dr. Chander Velu as potential supervisors.


Interested applicants are invited to send a CV and a brief research proposal to Jacqueline Brown ( in advance of 5 September 2014.


This opportunity is also advertised on the University's website here.  



Opportunities for Research Students

Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering

The IfM integrates research and education across the spectrum from production technologies through management to policy, with practical application in industry. We are always keen to hear from outstanding students for our MPhil and three-year PhD Research Degrees. Grants may be available. 


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