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Zahit Ergun Gungor

Doctoral Researcher

Industrial Sustainability



Ergun Gungor is an environmental engineer graduated from Cukurova University in Turkey. He had experiences working with research centres in both Spain and Germany mostly focusing on wastewater treatment technologies, advanced membrane systems including bio-membranes and anaerobic digesters.


In 2010 he has been awarded with a sponsorship by the Turkish Government to continue his education abroad. After a year, he started his master’s degree at Imperial College London on Environmental Technology. The course has provided him with an interdisciplinary, integrated and holistic way of thinking as well as the necessary set of skills to join the challenge for solving today’s environmental problems.  By choosing the “Environmental Analyses and Assessments” option for the second term he further specialised on resource and waste management, contaminated land assessment and remediation subjects.  He had completed his thesis on “Improving the environmental performance of the industry by eco-design applications” and tried to investigate the ways to identify high impact state sectors, processes, products and reducing their environmental impacts by focusing on the design.


Upon completion of his masters he has started his PhD degree at University of Cambridge to carry his master’s thesis one step further and investigate the improvement opportunities within the industrial systems and contribute to the industrial sustainability research by optimizing the production systems.


Research Interests

  • Resource Efficiency
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Eco-Design
  • Design for X
  • LCA and MFA
  • Eco-Intelligent Factories
  • Industrial Sustainability
  • Closed Loop Systems and Industrial Symbiosis