Tianyi Wang

Doctoral Stuident


Tianyi joined CTM in October 2015 as a research student under supervision of Dr Frank Tietze and Dr Rob Phaal. His current research is combination of patent analytics and roadmapping for forecasting of emerging technologies.


Tianyi obatined a BEng Hons with First Class from the University of Liverpool. After his undergraduate study, he came to the University of Cambridge for the MPhil degree in Nuclear Energy. He has a membership of Churchill College, and is currently fully funded by China Scholarship Council.


Research interests

1. Technology forecasting

2. Innovation and Intellectual property management: IP strategies, patent informatics

3. Technology management based on technology roadmapping

4. Strategic valuation


Research project: Patent roadmaps to support forecasting and strategic decision-making 


Forecasting the development and potential success of emerging technologies is important to decision makers. It enables them to be proactively choosing suitable strategies and avoid possible negative impacts, with potential disastrous consequences. Both patent forecasting and roadmapping have been used for technology forecasting to guarantee larger profits and occupy dominant positions first. This research aims to combine both patent analytics and roadmapping for the purpose of technology forecasting for supporting strategic decision making.


Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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