Academic Interests

  • The development of skill and competence in design and manufacturing
  • Optimum performance component design in composites
  • Advanced production processes for composites
  • Advanced metal wing production processes
  • Ethical leadership


  • Lecturer, Manufacturing Engineering Tripos
  • Examiner, Manufacturing Leaders' Programme

Spent 23 years in industry, was a partner in the consulting engineering practice Gifford and Partners, 1981-6, MD of Composite Technology Ltd 1986-9 and is now a lecturer in the Institute for Manufacturing. His interests are design and manufacturing, particularly skill-based manufacturing, and a concern for ethical leadership.



At the heart of all manufacturing progress is the entrepreneurial development of manufacturing processes themselves. Clarity of perception of the core functionality of a process, and a clear perception of the competences which drive it, lead to articulate, focused work on technology and skill development, from certificated design and process simulation software, through machine and tooling design, construction and commissioning and operational competence development for total process optimisation, to transparent, auditable and sustainable quality assurance procedures and records.


The Institute for Manufacturing is involved in the strategic development of wind energy technology.


Jim Platts discusses the use of sustainable energy sources in China

This talk was part of an Humanitarian Centre series on social enterprise and development. (54 minutes)


Other Interests

A Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and having spent a long time involved in large multi-disciplinary projects in that industry (major bridge projects, buildings, high speed ground transportation, military bridging, renewable energy development), I am a supervisor and examiner on the Inter-Disciplinary Course for the Built Environment and retain an interest and involvement in the development of good project management in that industry.


A balanced set of interests in materials development, manufacturing process development, design for functional efficiency and manufacturability, and a sensitivity to structure and to aerodynamics supports the current interest in the design and manufacture of composites components, and the development of new manufacturing processes for advanced metal aircraft wings. Through the 1980's these interests fuelled the design, development and manufacture of the large composites moulded blades for wind turbines, establishing Composite Technology (now Vestas Global Blade Technology) as a major contributor in that industry, currently producing high performance blades for wind turbines up to 120m diameter. I remain interested in the development of that industry and that technology.


Quaker, a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce), I have a strong interest in issues of ethical ownership and leadership in manufacturing, in different cultural settings world-wide. This is supported by a strong interest in history, and in economics, and particularly in cultural development, and an understanding of and deep respect for the teachings of different religious traditions.


See list of publications on Department of Engineering publications database


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