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Laure Dodin

Industrial Fellow

Industrial Sustainability, IfM Education and Consultancy Services Associates


Current role

As an Industrial Fellow at IfM ECS, Laure’s current role is to assist both public and private organisations in gaining a clearer understanding of the policy, regulatory and standards landscape for a given technology or industry. She applies the IfM research approach and outputs to help inform business strategy, technology management and policy recommendations by:

  • exploring and analysing regulatory barriers, enablers and future trends, and how they can affect market conditions, technology development and industry
  • designing and developing strategic tools accounting for policy mechanisms, regulatory processes and standardisation activities
  • identifying and mapping institutional players in innovation systems
  • scanning and reporting on effective collaborative practices between regulators and industry to foster the development of regulatory requirements and standards


Laure started her career in politics. She worked for 5 years in Paris, first as a representative for a parliamentary group at the National Assembly then as a ministerial adviser, responsible for legislative activities for the Minister of Health. Prior to joining IfM ECS, Laure was a research associate in IfM for 9 years. Much of her research was concerned with the policy and regulatory dimensions of innovation systems in a number of technological sectors, including among others tissue engineering, smart grid and synthetic biology.


Laure’s background is primarily legal with a degree from a Political Sciences Institute and a postgraduate degree in EU law, both received in France.


Selected publications

  • C. Featherston, J.Y. Ho, L. Brévignon-Dodin and E. O’Sullivan (2016) Mediating and catalysing innovation: A framework for anticipating the standardisation needs of emerging technologies, Technovation, 48-49, p. 25-40
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin and E. O’Sullivan (2013) Standards in support of the Europe 2020 “Smart Growth” objective – Evidence from Germany and the USA. EURAS International Conference on Standards: Boosting European Competitiveness, Brussels, Belgium
  • E. O’Sullivan and L. Brévignon-Dodin (2012) Role of standardisation in support of emerging technologies. IfM report, Cambridge, UK
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin (2010) Regulatory enablers and regulatory challenges for the development of tissue-engineered products in the EU, International Journal of Bio-medical materials and Engineering, 20(3-4), 121-126
  • P. Singh, L. Brévignon-Dodin and S.P. Dash (2010) Exploratory assessment of the current EU regulatory framework for the development of advanced therapies, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 16(4), 331-336
  • L. Brévignon-Dodin and P. Singh (2009) ATMP in practice: toward a new industry landscape in tissue engineering, Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 1(15), 59-65
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