Kirsten Van Fossen

Doctoral Student

Current Research

Prevention of diet-related disease offers a proactive approach to foster public health and well-being, but sustainable and effective approaches for prevention still remain a challenge. Is it possible that specific entrepreneurial innovation processes can provide more sustainable and effective solutions? In Kirsten’s PhD research, she explores innovation processes that enable entrepreneurs to improve our food system. She has a particular interest in how entrepreneurs innovate to help consumers realize healthier food consumption. 


If you are interested in Kirsten’s research or would like to suggest a venture that might be of interest, please feel free to reach out to her using the contact information on the right.


Past Research and Experience

Before starting at the IfM in October 2014, Kirsten spent a year working on a sustainable aviation fuels initiative with the Energy Analysis and Sustainability Division at the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, a United States Department of Transportation research center providing expertise and solutions to help solve challenging transportation problems.

In the year preceding her work at Volpe, Kirsten researched water filtration, wastewater treatment, and water reuse topics with a team of academic researchers at the University of Sao Paulo’s International Reference Center for Water Reuse. Her water engineering research in Brazil followed from her BSc thesis, in which she designed and evaluated a carbon-nanotube/polymer hybrid water filtration membrane.

Kirsten graduated with a BSc in Environmental Engineering from Harvard in 2012.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0)1223 766141
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