Dr Imoh Ilevbare

Product Manager (Innovation and Technology Management), IfM Education and Consultancy Services

Imoh Ilevbare works at IfM Education and Consultancy Services at the University of Cambridge as a Product Manager for its Innovation and Technology Management services. He is responsible for the development of management tools and services for industry from IfM research. He also part of the team that configures and delivers solutions in response to client’s business-specific needs and requirements.


Prior to this, he obtained a PhD from University of Cambridge studying risk management within roadmapping in its application to strategic innovation and technology planning. Imoh has a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, and previously worked in oilfield servicing and FMCG industries.


Papers & Publications

  • Bocken, N.M.P., Rana, P. , Athanassopoulou, N., Ilevbare, I. , Phaal, R. 2015. A Strategy Process for Early Stage Ventures to Develop Sustainable Value Opportunities. Sustainable Design & Manufacturing Conference, Seville, 12-14 April 2015.
  • Ilevbare I.M., Probert D.R. & Phaal R. 2014. 'Towards risk-aware roadmapping - influencing factors and practical measures', Technovation 34(8), 399-409.
  • Ilevbare, I. M. 2014. An investigation into the treatment of uncertainty and risk in roadmapping: a framework and a practical process (Doctoral dissertation, University of Cambridge).
  • Ilevbare, I., Probert, D. and Phaal, R. 2013. 'A review of TRIZ, and it's benefits and challenges in practice', Technovation, 33(2), 30-37
  • Ilevbare I.M., Probert D.R. & Phaal R. 2011. Investigating the treatment of risk and uncertainty in roadmapping. The R&D Management Conference, Norrkoping, Sweden, June 2011.
  • Ilevbare, I. M., Phaal, R., Probert, D., & Torres-Padilla, A. 2011. Integration of TRIZ and roadmapping for innovation, strategy and problem solving.
  • Ilevbare I.M., Probert D.R. & Phaal R. 2010. Strategic planning for uncertain futures: A framework integrating scenario planning, roadmapping and options thinking. The R&D Management Conference, Manchester, June 2010. 

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 764835
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