David Probert

Reader in Technology Management, Head of CTM


David Probert pursued an industrial career with Marks and Spencer and Philips for some 18 years before returning to Cambridge in 1991. His experience covers a wide range of industrial engineering and management disciplines in the UK and overseas.


He joined the Manufacturing Engineering Group as Royal Academy of Engineering/Lucas Industries Research Fellow, to develop a practical approach to the issues of make or buy and vertical integration in manufacturing industry, which has been widely applied and disseminated.


Current Role

Now Reader in Technology Management, David is a founding member and Head of the IfM's Centre for Technology Management. David's research interests include:

  • Technology and innovation strategy
  • Technology management processes
  • Make or buy, technology acquisition and software sourcing
  • Industrial sustainability

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His publications include 'Developing a make or buy strategy for manufacturing business' published by the Institute of Electrical Engineers, and 'T-Plan: The fast start to technology roadmapping' published by the Institute for Manufacturing.


Recent publications

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  • 2007 Sourcing software content for manufactured products, David Probert; Francis Hunt; Peter Fraser; Andre Fleury; Tony Holden, Proc.IMechE, Part B: J.Engineering Manufacture, 2007, 221(B5), 809 - 820. DOI: 10.1243/09544054JEM532.

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