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Dr Ajith Parlikad

Senior Lecturer in Industrial Systems

Asset Management, Cambridge Service Alliance, Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory, Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET)



Ajith Kumar Parlikad is a University Senior Lecturer at Cambridge University Engineering Department. He is based at the Institute for Manufacturing, where he is the Deputy Director of the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory and leads the Asset Management research group. He is also the MET IIB course director.


Ajith leads research activities on engineering asset management and maintenance. His particular focus is examining how asset information can be used to improve asset performance through effective decision-making. He actively engages with industry through research and consulting projects. He is also a member of the steering committee of the IFAC Working Group on "Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technology". Ajith founded the IAM Academic and Research Network and currently holds the chair position of the network.


Ajith joined Cambridge University to read for his PhD degree, which he successfully completed in August 2006. For his PhD, he developed a methodology for quantifying the benefits of improving product information availability and quality on the effectiveness of product recovery processes. 


Current Research Activities

  • Facebook for Machines - funded by the EPSRC Partnership Fund
  • Smart Manufacturing - funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Sustainable Design and Manufacturing through Total Cost and Value of Ownership - funded by EU H2020. 
  • Value-based approach for infrastructure asset management decisions - funded by the EPSRC Innovative Knowledge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction.
  • Managing and operating infrastructure - funded by the EPSRC Innovative Knowledge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction.
  • Data driven engineering for asset management - funded by Costain
  • Maintenance optimisation of complex systems with interacting components - PhD projects

Courses taught


  • 3P5: Industrial Engineering (2016- )
  • 3P2: Production Machines and Systems (2007- )
  • 3P7: Managing Business and People (2011-16)
  • 3P4: Operations Management (2007-11, 2016) 


MET IIB (Course Director, 2016- )

  • Industrial Systems Operations and Services (2012- ) 
  • Managing People (2011-14)
  • Asset Management (2010-11)

PhD students

  • James Heaton (2016- ): Data driven engineering for infrastructure asset management 
  • Adria Salvador (2016- ): Industrial Internet of Things and asset Management
  • Hao Li (2015- ): Maintenance of systems using industrial internet of things
  • Joel Adams (2015- ): Criticality-based Maintenance
  • Jiaqiang Wang (2012-16): Performance measurement for asset management systems
  • Zhenglin Liang (2011-15): Maintenance optimisation of complex systems
  • Nipat Rasmekomen (2010-14): Condition-based maintenance of complex systems
  • Alexander Borek (2009-12): Risk-based approach for measuring the impact of data quality
  • Raj Srinivasan (2008-11): Value of Information for maintenance decisions



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