Roadmapping Case Studies

The IfM has applied roadmapping techniques to over 300 projects across the world, in organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to global corporations. The case studies below outline the range of challenges faced by organisations we have worked with and how roadmapping has been used to visualise and develop strategies.


Challenges include


To identify technology opportunities

Fast-start to technology roadmappping for leading liquid repellent technology supplier

We worked with this organisation to create a first-draft technology roadmap using our fast-start approach to roadmapping. The process highlighted the benefits of roadmapping and brought multiple stakeholders together to create a shared vision for the future. 


RNLIIdentifying opportunities and challenges in search and rescue technologies

IfM worked with the RNLI to develop a clear understanding of emerging technologies that will impact on future search and rescue operations at sea.


See the RNLI report the 'Third Dimension for Search and Rescue'.


Vibration serviceability thumbnailNew technology for the oil and gas sector 

This organisation was sponsoring the development of a new technology with significant commercial application in its sector and beyond. Roadmapping helped to develop a clear understanding of its likely commercial path, and an understanding of the risks and decision points required for development and implementation.


Roadmapping Subsea 7Technology development for an offshore engineering firm

We worked with Subsea 7 to make a step-change in the pace of innovation development.


Roadmapping at GKN Strategic technology development for a global engineering firm

We supported GKN to develop its technology and innovation strategy across four divisions, with a particular focus on planning for disruptive technologies and high value innovation initiatives.



Align strategy with customer needs

New strategy and roadmap to enable future growth at chemical marker SME

We helped John Hogg to re-evaluate their business strategy and review process and helped them create a roadmap to achieve their ambitious growth and development plans


Africa's voices Roadmapping helps charity to navigate its future

We worked with a unique Africa's Voices Foundation, a Cambridge University spin-out charity, to help it develop its medium-term strategy.



Develop a sector strategy


RSSB thumbnailCross-sector roadmap for the rail industry


The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) worked with IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) to create a cross-industry roadmap for health and wellbeing.


Bulk superconductivity workshop roadmappingA roadmap for the bulk superconductivity sector

Academics and industrialists worked together to align bulk superconductivity research with current and future industrial needs.


Data measurement workshop for the National Physical Laboratory

89 participants from across 44 organisations participated in this one-day workshops to identify data measurement challenges and explore research project ideas.



Develop a long term technology strategy


Integrating roadmapping into whole of company strategy planning

Global heavy industry manufacturer IHI Corporation is benefitting from better goal alignment and increased dialogue across departments within the company as a result of integrating roadmapping into its business planning strategy.


Roadmapping graphicDeveloping a technology strategy for a global manufacturer

Roadmapping has helped a global manufacturing company resolve a lack of strategic alignment between its business goals and longer term technology research.


Shaping the 30-year Rail Technical Strategy

The process involved eight workshops, with more than 150 participants from across the whole of the rail industry, to identify and explore over 200 application options, consolidated into 64 strategic projects



To assess the benefits of roadmapping


Roadmapping at BASFExploring roadmapping at a world leading chemical company

This case study explores some of the benefits of roadmapping and the challenges organisations face in ensuring they are realised.



IP strategy development


Developing a technology company's IP Strategy

A strategic intellectual property workshop enabled a transformational and growth-ambitious technology business to develop an IP strategy that is aligned to its business strategy whilst maximising value creation and capture.


The approach used in this case study uses tools and research for IP strategy development.



Other examples of roadmapping in action:


Roadmapping graphicPaediatric neurorehabilitation – finding and filling the gaps

Exploring ways to improve outcomes across the patient journey, create outline ideas for future research and service-development projects.


Manufacturing Your Future

High Value Manufacturing at Alconbury Enterprise Campus


Road4FameStrategic Action in the field of Systems of Systems in Europe

Roadmaps and Recommendations


Micro-manufacturingMicro-Manufacturing Research Platform

Roadmapping Workshop for the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision



The Road4FAME project has developed a strategic research and innovation roadmap for IT architectures and services in manufacturing.


UK marine industriesUK Marine Industries Alliance technology roadmap

This roadmap underpins the common vision and strategy of industry and government working together to develop export-led growth.


Ultra Precision RoadmapReel-to-Reel Platform

Roadmap for EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Ultra Precision

Algae RoadmapLaser-based Manufacturing Applications

Identification of new and evolving manufacturing applications

High-Volume Manufacturing of Energy Harvesting Systems

Roadmap for EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large-Area Electronics

A UK Roadmap for Algal Technologies

Commercialisation potential of algae-related products, processes and services


Health and wellbeing in the UK rail industry

Strategy and priorities needed to achieve the industry’s vision


Synthetic Biology

The future of synthetic biology in the UK


DSTL reportThe Defence and Security Technology Competency Report

Collaboration and leverage towards the UK 2035 landscape


National Research Network in Advanced Engineering and Materials

Fundamental and early stage applied research in engineering and materials.


The future of High Value Manufacturing in the UKThe future of High Value Manufacturing in the UK

Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Sectors


KazaKhstan upstream oil and gasKazakhstan Oil & Gas technology roadmap

Working with Shell, Kazakhstan to develop a national technology & R&D roadmap.


The Future UK Life Sciences Manufacturing LandscapeThe Future UK Life Sciences Manufacturing Landscape

Follows on from a study into the future of High Value Manufacturing.


A landscape for high value manufacturingA landscape for the future of high value manufacturing in the UK 

This study sets out to understand the global manufacturing context in which UK companies must compete and how that context is expected to evolve over the next 15-20 years.


Mapping The Future of The Australian Rail Supply Network

Mapping the next 30 years of the Australian rail industry.


Stratified Medicine in the UK

A shared vision to be the best place to develop, and adopted, stratified medicine.


MarineUK Marine industries roadmap and capability study 

The roadmap will help to prioritise future research support options to maximise economic growth of UK marine companies.

Foresight Vehicle technology roadmap for the UK automotive sector 

The first Foresight Vehicle Technology Roadmap was developed to identify technology and research themes for road transport, aiming to support UK industry in the globally competitive market for transport products and to provide sustainable mobility for UK citizens. Further details are available here.


Automotive Australia 2020 Project

The AA2020 Australian Automotive Roadmap was completed in 2010, focusing on the future opportunities and capabilities for the automotive supply chain in Australia, and investment priorities for the $1.3 billion Green Car Innovation Fund. The process involved multiple workshop, with more than 220 participants from 160 organisations, including vehicle producers, automotive suppliers, research organisations and government agencies.


Supporting documents:

Computational science roadmap, Coordinated by Microsoft

Further details are available here.


International roadmap for packaging

Further details are available here.


UK Ministry of Defence roadmapping guidance

Further details are available here.


UK National Measurement Institute technology roadmaps, coordinated by NPL

Further details are available here.


UK automotive supply base roadmap 

Further details are available here.


WiSEN wireless sensors technology roadmap

Further details are available here.


BioProcessUK technology roadmap

Further details are available here.


Centre for Abuse & Trauma Studies (CATS), route map for children's social care safeguarding services.

Further details are available here.


Green chemical technology roadmap

Read the roadmap report here.







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