Autonomous Supply Chains with IoT



We are developing a platform to demonstrate how IoT, machine learning, and agent-based technology can work together to deliver an autonomous supply chain. Drawing upon the inputs from sources such as IoT data and machine learning models, agents in this platform can act on behalf of the stakeholders in the supply chain to autonomously select suppliers, procure goods and respond to unplanned events. For example, a response to a traffic disturbance or a fridge break down during the cold chain delivery could involve automated rerouting. Automated pricing algorithms can be used to adjust prices based on delivery delays, and resulting quality degradations. Supplier delivery performance can be monitored and improved using smart algorithms. Stay tuned to find out more!



Transforming manufacturing with autonomous supply chains


A description of our current demonstrator activity can be seen here


Funded by: Pitch In, Research England

ResearcherLiming Xu


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