Integrated Design, Manufacturing and Assembly D(FMA)2


To investigate how can we improve the resilience of novel construction elements and their associated design and manufacturing processes.


Challenges for design, manufacturing and assembly of modular buildings:

  • Requirement for automation for flexible products.
  • Requirement for re-configurability to support changing product designs at production / supply chain levels.
  • Requirement for understanding impacts of decisions and information flows.


Addressing the challenges:

  • Model product design and manufacturing dependencies to avoid disruptions caused by changes in elements and processes.
  • Assess automation and re-configurability of production for flexible products and disruption management.
  • Design resilient and reconfigurable manufacturing support system and supply chain.

Principal Investigator:

Duncan McFarlane



Tariq Masood

Raj Srinivasan

Brian Robertson


Academic partner:

Engineering Design Centre at the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge


Project Partners: