Intellectual Property Management

Innovation and IP is a topic of historical importance to technology-based firms which has received more attention by managerial and political decision makers recently in light of the open innovation movement, with an increasing importance of collaborative development processes (e.g. in the field of 3D printing).

Traditionally, IP was often associated with the technology protection element in the ISAEP framework (identification, selection, acquisition, exploitation, protection). However, IP management rather cuts across all these five elements. 


The research group takes a managerial (firm level) and relational perspective on all things IP (Intellectual Property) within distributed and collaborative (open) innovation processes for emerging (manufacturing) technologies. While there is a natural focus on patents often being the most important intellectual property right (IPR) for technology-based firms, we take a broad perspective also including design rights, tradesecrets, open source software and licensing. Our research on Innovation and IP Management (IIPM) focuses on three main areas:


First, we focus on IP issues that are of strategic relevance for technology-based manufacturing firms, e.g. within R&D activities, innovation processes but also in corporate strategy and decision making. Our research focuses on IP management in the context of emerging technologies. For instance, we look into patent pledges for establishing standards as well as IP based business models.


Second, we focus on the use of patent (and other IP) data and how it can support strategic decision making in manufacturing firms. For instance, patent data can be a valuable information source for the identification and selection of acquisition targets.


Third, we are interested in the concept of ownership and property rights and how their allocation impacts firms' innovation processes.


We currently run two activities, which are opportunities for companies to get involved: 


IP Interest Group

We run an IP interest group for manufacturing companies where participants meet regularly to discuss IP related issues from a business perspective, such as technology acquisitions or how patent data can be used to identify development partners.


The group provides a trusted platform for its members to engage in in-depth discussions on strategically relevant IP topics. Membership is by invitation only. Please get in touch with Dr Frank Tietze, if you are interested to join the group.


Strategic IP Forum

The Strategic IP Forum (SIPF) is an open event series launched in spring 2014 that focuses on strategic IP topics from a business perspective. SIPF aims to bring together interested individuals from the Cambridge region and beyond including CTOs, portfolio managers, VPs, Technology, Heads of Innovation/IP/licensing, etc. from a range of manufacturing companies and sectors to engage in an expert community.


The forum is jointly organised with Avidity IP. To keep updated with information about future events, please join our LinkedIn group.


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