IoT and Industry 4.0 hands-on-skills for executive education: Learning by doing

Course Overview 

The aim of this learning experience is to enable participants to understand “digital platforms, artefacts, signals and their language through a series of digital learning exercises. The series of online workshops and lectures focus on hands on activities, correlated to real world examples about internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.
The basic immersive experience will give the participants insights into how sensors work and how they can be used and connected in business platforms. The participants will gain intrinsic knowledge to adopt conceptually and practically for their respective industry sectors. The digital-first approach allows to scale this learning format geographically, especially under the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.

What you will learn

The desired learning outcome of the workshops is to equip the learner with a conceptual understanding of the opportunities and structural changes that Industry 4.0 brings. The learning may further guide strategic decision making and policy recommendations in their areas of work. Where beneficial to the learning, the workshops are accompanied by basic computer programming and sensor building activities. However, learning to code is not a direct objective of the workshops.


Who would benefit from attending?

Participants are not required to have any education in engineering or computer science, or a technical background. But these workshops are designed for young leaders, management and executive level employees in organisations (incl. corporate firms, NHS and government organisations). The design of the workshops will not need pre-existing technical knowledge. Participants should be open-minded about learning about and adopting new technology in their work environment.
There are a couple of tuition fully paid studentships for this workshop available for UK residents.


Course Tutors

Florian Urmetzer is a Senior Research Associate with the Cambridge Service Alliance. Florian is interested in the development of tools for service design. In detail, he is looking at the creation and capture of value within complex service ecosystems. Specifically, he is interested in helping managers to fully understand the value exchange, in order to enable them to influence business models, and optimize B2B and B2C processes. Florian’s second research interest is customer satisfaction. He holds a distinction MSc (Network Centred Computing) and a PhD, both from Reading University, School of Systems Engineering. His PhD research was concerned with the development of a Tool and Methods that Enables Usability Evaluations in Real-time Distributed Collaborative Environments.


Maximilian Ge is Research Assistant in the Manufacturing Industry Education Research Group. Maximilian previously undertook PhD research at CTM in technology acquisition and business models in the tech and biotech industry. He holds an MSc in International Strategy and Economics from the University of St Andrews and read maths and computer science at the University of Cologne.




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