Business Model Innovation: changing the game

This course will focus on understanding the concept of business models, identifying and implementing new business models to create sustainable competitive advantage.


15 - 16 March 2018, IfM Cambridge

Two-day open course





Course overview


The intensity of technological change due to digitalisation, the progress of globalisation and shifts in industry borders has created opportunities for new business models. Indeed, business model innovation can create huge opportunities while threatening traditional means of generating revenue. Such innovations can, consequently, make the fortunes of some firms while killing the market positions of others. This course will focus on understanding the concept of business models, identifying and implementing new business models to create sustainable competitive advantage.


What you will learn

  • Understand business model innovation and how it differs conceptually from other forms of innovation
  • Cover the strategic challenges for incumbent firms and new firms in responding to opportunities for business model innovation
  • Think systematically about digital technologies and their implication for business model innovation
  • Consider the key principles of organisational design and leadership issues for implementing new business models



Who would benefit from attending?

  • Senior executives involved in strategy formulation and business development
  • Strategy, marketing and operations executives looking to understand the role of business models, strategy and operations
  • Strategy, marketing and operations consultants who provide advice on major strategic innovation programmes
  • Functional leaders and managers who are seeking to understand the role of business model design on performance 

Course instructor

Dr Chander Velu is a University Lecturer in the Cambridge University Engineering Department. He is also the Course Director for the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET) IIA. Chander has an interest in innovation with a specific focus on exploring the antecedents and consequences of business model innovation. He has been examining issues related to business model innovation and implications for strategic decision making, ownership and challenges in transforming to more collaborative innovation models. In addition, Chander has been examining the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurial spawning in service industries.


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