IfM Education and Consultancy Services (the knowledge transfer arm of the Institute for Manufacturing), is a registered supplier in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BIES)'s 'Futures Framework'. Our full prospectus can be downloaded here



About Us
We have a core team of policy, industry and technology experts who work with our government partners. Based on the requirements of a project, we look to utilise our network, including experts from across the IfM, University of Cambridge and further afield to bring insights, knowledge and clarity to complex and multifaceted policy issues and challenges.

Our experience with “Futures”
IfM ECS has extensive experience in identifying different potential future outcomes given a particular initial condition or government policy area. Our expertise combines established ‘futures’ techniques such as scenario development or options development with systems thinking approaches including impact grids and roadmapping.


The Government Office for Science’s Futures Toolkit identifies roadmapping as one of the most ‘most flexible and emergent tools’ for ‘developing and testing policy and strategy’. The IfM is recognised as a world centre of excellence for roadmapping, training hundreds of professionals in the tool each year and supporting partners across government and industry through projects that are at the forefront of knowledge and practice in this area.

Key areas of expertise
IfM ECS work is based on research developed at the IfM with a strong emphasis on practical application. We have over 70 research-underpinned tools and frameworks which are used through our work with government and industry, often helping organisations to explore and make decisions about the long-term future.



Our expertise combines established ‘futures’ techniques such as scenario development or options development with systems thinking approaches including impact grids and roadmapping.

  • We are experts in designing, developing and delivering successful engagements and workshops to solicit multi-stakeholder group input, synthesising outputs to usefully inform future policy actions. These projects can range from individual half-day engagements with a few participants to larger scale engagements with multiple inputs and workshops with over 100 domain experts.
  • We are an experienced and effective disseminator of policy advice and outcomes. We employ a range of dissemination methods including policy workshops, briefs, publications, webinars and logic models. We ensure pertinent information is communicated at a useful level of detail, using accessible language, and meets the needs of the intended audience.
  • When working with our government and industry partners, we complement their knowledge and skills with our unique network of experts from within the Institute for Manufacturing, across the University of Cambridge and beyond to bring additional skills, experience and insights where required.



Online and remote delivery

Many IfM tools and approaches, including foresight methodologies outlined on this webpage, can be delivered through virtual workshops.


We use a set of collaborative software packages to bring experts together remotely to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas. This enables geographically dispersed employees and important external experts, to provide insights and buy into projects that are strategically important.


Advantages of online delivery of workshops include:

  • Location is not a barrier – you can bring in experts from anywhere across the globe to support your projects and strategic planning
  • Timing is flexible – we deliver workshops through a series of virtual workshops, allowing time for offline work, to ensure that we the right insights and outcomes you need
  • No travel - reducing time spent travelling and away from the office



Download the full prospectus here.


In order to engage with us through this framework, please contact the Futures Team at the Government Office for Science:


For all other enquiries, contact



The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) is a division of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering. The IfM conducts research spanning management, technology and policy issues related to manufacturing.


IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) provides consultancy and executive and professional development – based on the new ideas and approaches developed at the IfM – to help policymakers and manufacturing and technology companies around the world create and capture value more effectively. Our profits are gifted to the University of Cambridge to fund future research.


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