Roadmap templates

Download IfM roadmap templates, developed through years of research and application, that are free to use.



A well-designed workshop template can have a significant impact on process efficiency and effectiveness. You can download three templates from this website*:


Classic template


Classic reloaded template


New template



Roadmapping templates

Roadmapping workshop templates: 'classic', 'classic reloaded' and 'new' (Phaal et al., 2016)


* A recent working paper on 'self-facilitating' templates describes an 'experiment' to test the performance of roadmapping templates for early-stage technological innovation in collaboration with a company in Stockholm. These templates may be used freely without alteration for non-commercial purposes. Internal application by firms within their own organisation is not considered to be commercial; if in doubt, or to discuss commercial applications or licensing, please email Rob Phaal.


form for assessing template utility is also provided - feedback on template use is welcome - please email Rob Phaal.

For further information please contact:

Robert Driver

T: +44 (0)1223 748263


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