Roadmap Templates

Download free to use IfM roadmap templates developed through years of research and application.

Roadmap Templates

A well-designed workshop template can have a significant impact on process efficiency and effectiveness in roadmapping workshops. The templates on this page, created based on research conducted at the University of Cambridge, may be used freely without alteration for non-commercial purposes. (Internal application by firms within their own organisation is not considered to be commercial; if in doubt, or to discuss commercial applications or licensing, please email Dr Rob Phaal.)


Classic Roadmap Template


The architecture behind a roadmap gives a time based view of the future, answering six key questions that help organisations to achieve strategic alignment:

  • Why do we need to act?
  • What should we do?
  • How should we do it?
  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to get to?
  • How can we get there?

Download a Generic roadmap template with key questions.


The structure of the generic roadmap provides the fundamental elements of roadmap development and it is this structure that can be used to create more sophisticated templates that guide facilitation and improve the outcomes of workshops.


An example of a more sophisticated design can be seen through the Roadmap canvas template.


Product-technology roadmap template with facilitation guidance


Use this self-facilitating training template to develop a product technology roadmap. The template can also be used to develop roadmaps for services and product-service systems, with discussions focused across four key steps:

  1. Outline key market and business drivers
  2. Create a long-term vision for the product / technology
  3. Brainstorm ‘the product brochure of the future’, focusing on the benefits to the customer. Consider how and what technologies, enablers and resources will impact this product.
  4. Across a timeframe of the short-, medium- and long-term, define the product strategy and targets, identifying supporting technology programmes and required resources.


Download the Product technology roadmap template.


Strategic roadmap template with facilitation guidance


Use this self-facilitating template to build a strategic roadmap, with discussions focused across five key steps:

  1. Consider how an organisation will capture value in the future, defining a value opportunity scenario
  2. Identify the current state of the business, considering areas like the market, current business strategy and capabilities across business functions.
  3. Define the strategy for the business across the short-, medium- and long-term considering:
    1. The market business and commercial drivers
    2. A core strategy for reaching the future value scenario
    3. Outline technology, financing, resource, and partnering requirements that are fundamental to success
  4. Consider alternative paths to reach the desired vision
  5. Review the assumptions, risks, knowledge gaps and enablers and barriers within the roadmap to understand and estimate the value and confidence levels in the roadmap.


Download the Strategic roadmap template.


Template Feedback


Feedback from organisations that use IfM templates is very useful - it helps to guide future research activities and ensure that the templates we create are useful for practical application. Feedback forms for the four roadmapping workshop templates can be found below. We would also welcome any comments or feedback on how templates are used - please email Dr Rob Phaal


Generic roadmap template with key questions feedback form


Roadmap canvas template feedback form


Product-technology roadmap template feedback form


Strategic roadmap template feedback form

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