Roadmapping Consultancy

IfM ECS industrial fellows undertake roadmapping projects based on IfM research for a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations who are looking for a robust yet flexible process to support their strategic planning.

The IfM’s approach to roadmapping consultancy is based on an active research programme. As new findings emerge they are integrated into the toolkit and put into practice.


Key benefits

  • Bringing stakeholders together to develop a shared vision
  • Creating a strategic plan based on input from all the relevant stakeholders
  • Ensuring investment in R&D and all technology and innovation planning is in line with strategic goals
  • Improving communication by providing clear, easy-to-understand outputs


How to introduce roadmapping

An IfM ECS industrial fellow works with a group of key stakeholders to design the roadmapping architecture and customise the process to ensure it meets each organisation’s particular needs. While strategic technology planning is often the main objective, IfM’s robust methodology means that the focus can be easily shifted to, say, resource or capability planning. The industrial fellow will then facilitate the workshop(s) and deliver the roadmap findings.


The process is extremely flexible. It works with both small and large groups and can deal with a very broad range of issues over long time frames, while also being able to focus on critical details which result in decisions and actions. It can also be adapted to meet the particular needs of each organisation, so the focus could be on resource or capability planning.


Our 'fast-start' roadmapping tools can develop an initial roadmap in a one-day workshop, with results delivered within a few weeks. More wide-ranging roadmaps, such as those for industry sectors, usually take a number of workshops run over several months.


Scalable toolkit platform

Roadmapping is often used in conjunction with one or more of the IfM’s other technology management and global operations tools such as portfolio management, technology  assessment, scenario planning and ‘manufacturing footprint’ strategies. Find out more.




For further information please contact:

Robert Driver

T: +44 (0)1223 748263


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