Make or buy?

'Make or buy' is another key area of IfM research and our approach has been used with manufacturers across a wide range of sectors. Deciding what to make in-house and what to outsource is a fundamental part of any manufacturing strategy - yet these decisions are often made reactively and purely on the basis of cost.


One of the reasons is that cost is easily measured where other decision-making criteria are less easy to quantify.


Our framework helps you consider key questions such as: how strategic is a particular process or component? Is it important to the customers’ buying decisions? Does it represent unique know-how? Do you have a good enough understanding of your own capabilities and those of your prospective supplier?


Deciding whether to make or buy - or to make some and buy some - can be contentious. By using our structured approach you not only arrive at the right strategic decision but by involving stakeholders in a clear and transparent process you also build consensus around the decision you make.