University of Cambridge



How can big data create value for companies?

Dr Mohamed Zaki describes recent research from the Cambridge Service Alliance into data-driven business models.

Self-Healing and Smart Coatings: The Future of Materials

Dr Ronan Daly describes new research into sensors and smart surfaces can be designed and deployed to extend the operating life of machinery and manufactured products.

Design Show 2015 - product presentation videos

Teams of MET students completed a major design project to develop a new product with real business potential, which they then presented at the Design Show on 3 June.

Photonics PhD student explains influence of Star Wars novel on her work

PhD student Karen Yu explains how George Lucas' Star Wars novel has influenced her work in the field of photonic lasers as part of the University of Cambridge's 'Novel Thoughts' project.

Supply chain risk and resilience for multinational corporations

Dr Mukesh Kumar shares research and guidance from the Centre for International Manufacturing which can help multinational companies manage their supply network risk more efficiently.

Sustainable business models: what are they and why are they important?

Dr Doroteya Vladimirova explains sustainable business models and why they are important to firms which want to remain competitive in the current environment.

What is the future of servitization?

Many manufacturers are choosing to adopt a service-based model to create new and longer-term revenue streams. But how will servitization evolve in the future and affect businesses and consumers?

The 3D printing 'revolution': what's behind the hype?

Does the 3D printing revolution mean I will be able to print anything I want from the comfort of my own home?

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