Visual Approaches for Strategy and Innovation Management

Explore and apply the fundamental principles of visual design for presenting management information.

The ability to communicate clearly is a critical skill in business. However, in today's field of strategy and innovation management, there is a bewildering range of graphical forms: from simple tables, charts and graphs, through to matrices, maps and diagrams. Thus it is the appropriate use of visual materials (e.g. roadmaps, portfolios, etc.) that can provide clarity and conciseness and enhance the overall message, narrative thread and key points.



This seminar will outline the fundamental principles of designing visuals and provide practical guidance on how to apply them in the context of strategic technology management. The topics covered will include:

  • The nature of data
  • Common graphical forms
  • Range of visuals for strategy and innovation
  • Psychology of vision
  • Representational architecture and composition layout
  • Perception of spatial proximity, concentration, similarity and continuity
  • Basic visual variables (position, size, shape, value, colour, orientation)
  • Pop-out effects
  • Colour associations, set selection and contract


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